A few years ago, Hainan Airlines revealed a new business class seat for the Boeing 787, and now, there will be a new business class called “Dream Feather” for the same aircraft. The next ten Boeing 787-9s that Hainan Airlines will be fitted with this elegant, chic and high-end business class seat.

This five-star airline joined forces with Priestman Goode, a transportation interior designer, to give the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats in a reverse herringbone a new facelift. The Boeing 787 will install a total of 26 seats, four less than the current Boeing 787-9s which have 30 seats. As a result, passengers can enjoy even more space.

The main color tone for the new seat is gold, whereas previous business class seats have red as the dominant color. Hainan Airlines has taken the “Dream Feather” concept to create an atmosphere that’s relaxing, high-end and dream-like, a “feather in flight”. The carrier has taken it even further by developing “the tone of the ambient lighting stems from the Moon River, [to depict] the different light color changes of the river water under the complicated function out of the Sun and the Moon.” By doing so, Hainan Airlines created “the different ambient lighting instances with vitality for passenger boarding, relaxation for takeoff, stability for cruising, and coziness for sleeping and being awake.” At the same time, LED lighting has also been designed keeping the dream theme in mind, where the colors of the lights mimic those seen in the sea and sky.

Hainan Airlines business class cabin is designed in a 1-2-1 layout, allowing every passenger to have access to the aisle. Those who book a seat in the new aircraft can enjoy watching entertainment on an HD screen measuring 12 inches. Aside from watching the latest shows and films, travelers can also schedule a wake-up notification for main meal services or for when it’s time to land.

The new Hainan Airlines Airlines business class seat is available on flights to/from various domestic destinations within China from Beijing as well as cities to US and Canada.

For a view of the new cabin, check out the video below, courtesy of Hainan Airlines.