First class doesn’t always mean flying commercial.

After three long years, the Hermès-designed private jet is now complete. The Airbus Hermès Private Jet ACJ319neo is owned by EVA Airways and can fly for an average of 15 hours—a distance of 7,767 miles. Although the aircraft can officially accommodate nineteen travelers, this jet has been created to only accommodate eight in order to allow for extreme comfort and luxury. Let’s take a closer look inside to see what it’s all about.

The decor is very minimalistic yet classy—something you would expect from the French designer—with various shades of gold and taupe, as well as the distinguishable orange color, spotted throughout. Hermès has also made sure the dark wood seen across their home decor and furniture is also being used for the tables, walls and doors inside the jet.

On one side of the cabin is a private office with a couch, seat and a desk where conferences can be held, or if someone just wants some alone time. The same private office can also be used as a bedroom by converting the couch into a double bed, perfect for those who need to get some proper rest if flying long-haul.

Next to the private bedroom/office is a lavatory featuring a standup shower, toilet and sink. It’s not as large as ones found on some other private jets like Lufthansa’s A350, but you can comfortably change clothes and freshen up without feeling too confined.

The center of the Airbus Hermès Private Jet cabin is considered the main zone featuring four sets of tables and chairs and two couches. All seats have been designed with soft and beautiful brown leather. This space can be used for different purposes, including dining, lounging, playing card games and conversing with friends and/or colleagues.

Compared to others like the DreamJet BBJ 787 or Melody, this Airbus Hermès Private Jet has taken a step back from the futuristic-looking concepts and designed something more comfortable and home-like yet very high-end.

Would you fly aboard this private jet?