After six months of long work, Japan Airlines opens up its remodeled first class top floor lounge in Tokyo airport, which has been designed with food in mind.

Located in Terminal 2, Japan Airline’s first class Tokyo lounge has kept its large sushi bar but expanded it to serve you even more fresh sushi and sashimi dishes along with traditional cuisines that are created right before your eyes. This exquisite dining area can be found on the top floor and is now open, whereas the lounging portion of the lounge is located on the bottom floor and is still under construction.

Japan Airline’s first class Tokyo lounge has been redesigned using a luxurious color palette of golds and tans with touches of wood for extra class. The theme ties right with their first class suite found only on their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

The bottom floor will feature various zones for working, dining via a buffet and relaxing. There’s also a designated room that will store your coats, and even a shoe shining service so that your shoes are always looking spiffy.

The top floor is where all the magic happens, and Japan Airlines is making sure that it continues to impress anyone who loves food. From tamagoyaki and fresh raw tuna to Japanese whiting with kelp and flounder with red shrimp, Japan Airline’s first class Tokyo lounge will keep you coming back for more. And for those who love noodles, ramen can be ordered throughout the day.

Those flying in first class on Japan Airlines, as well as travelers who hold a Qantas Platinum frequent flyers status and higher, or has a Oneworld Emerald status, are able to access Japan Airline’s first class Tokyo lounge. However, it won’t allow all passengers into the lounge who are flying first class on other oneworld alliance airlines until the bottom floor has been completed.