Japan Airlines is a certified 5-star airline according to Skytrax—from first class to economy, Japan Airlines offers its passengers excellent services and seats. Like a lot of first class seats, Japan Airlines has eight semi-enclosed suites on the Boeing 777 aircraft only in a 1-2-1 layout. Those sitting in either of the two seats in the middle can still enjoy just as much privacy as the seats on either side of the plane, thanks to the adjustable window that can be raised or lowered with a touch of a button.

The Japan Airlines first class seats are made of soft, brown leather and the entire suite has been designed with brown hues and wood accents, which create a home-like feel for anyone who gets to fly aboard this premium cabin.

Japan Airlines first class seat measures 23 inches wide in the upright position, and 33 inches wide and 78.5 inches long in the fully-flat position. If you’re sitting upwards, you can enjoy company inside your suite, just pull out the table above the ottoman to free the space so that a fellow traveler can sit there securely (seatbelt included).

Due to the size of the suite, Japan Airlines first class has several very large compartments to store various items. For instance, the space underneath the ottoman is large enough for a small carry-on, the large armrest lifts up to store a briefcase, and a smaller section for your phone, wallet and keys. Further beyond the armrest is another compartment that you can lift up to find a small mirror and a remote to control the 23-inch entertainment screen.

Japan Airlines first class seat has panels on the side of the armrest to control the position of the seat. You can choose from three different positions as well as individual seat section adjustments to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Plus, there’s a built-in massage function too.

Whenever you’re ready to relax in sleep mode, have a flight attendant turn down your seat for you. Luckily, Japan Airlines has an Airweave DUAL MODE mattress and pillow that is firm on one side and soft on the other, allowing you to have the best rest possible. Most airlines only have one firmness option, Japan Airlines has two.

Other first class features include Bose noise-canceling headphones, eco-friendly and 100 percent organic cotton pajamas, and ETRO amenity kits. These kits come with a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, eye mask, tissues, a sheet face mask, and unisex hand lotion, lip balm and perfume by ETRO.

Have you flown in first class on Japan Airlines? If so, how was your experience? For a tour of the cabin, check out the video below, courtesy of LadyCode.