Ljubljana, previously known as Emona during the Celtic Period, has been around since the 1st century, but legend has it that Jason, a Greek mythical hero who slew a dragon there with his men, founded the city long before then. There is now a dragon statue in the city to remind everyone of this legend.

After the Celtics made their home in Ljubljana, the Roman’s settled there in 50 BC until the Slavs arrived and destroyed it. Fast forward to the 12th century, and Ljubljana came under German rule, then under Czechs, followed by Habsburgs. It wasn’t until the 1860s did the city truly become a Slovenian society. In 1991, the country became an independent nation when Yugoslavia dissolved after the fall of communism.

So for those who are heading to Slovenia’s capital, here are a few things to see and do on your next trip there.

Slovenska hisa

Start your morning off with a cup of coffee at Slovenska Hisa, which serves some of the best in the entire city. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, so if you’re there in the spring or summer, enjoy your cup of joe outside as you watch people pass by. Aside from coffee, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast here, or stop by for lunch or dinner too. Their menu is non-touristy and the service is great, even on busy days.

Ljubljana’s Central Market

Ljubljana’s Central Market is a fantastic place to spend some time in during the day, especially on Fridays during the spring and summer for the Open Kitchen event. This is when Slovenia’s chefs prepare unique dishes and sell them here—the cuisine is mouthwatering. Aside from being an outdoor food market, there’s also an indoor market selling homemade dishes, cheese, oils and so much more. Ljubljana’s Central Market is also one of the best places to purchase local souvenirs.

Roman City

When the Romans settled in Ljubljana, they built a whole city, and today, some of the remains from 50 BC can still be seen. You have to head to Trnovo, a suburb of Ljubljana in order to see the Roman walls, homes, statues, tombstones, art, and sections of a baptistery. It’s a bit of the country’s history that many tourists don’t think of exploring when visiting Ljubljana.


Prulček bar is a great place to end the night at. You can find musicians playing live music throughout the week including classical, jazz, acoustic, rock and blues. On the weekends, the bar hosts bazaars, showcases and music performances for everyone to enjoy. If you do come here, you should taste some of the local beers, which are fantastic. Prulček is loved by the locals, so it can get crowded at times, but you’re bound to have a lovely night out.

Ljubljana is such an interesting city to visit with a history that dates back thousands of years. From restaurants and cafes to historical sites and modern ones, hidden streets and open city views, Ljubljana is a destination that is not always on the top of traveler’s lists, but it should be. So if you do go book a trip there, we hope this city guide will help you have a memorable time.

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