Qatar Airways is a five-star, award-winning airline that offers its customers excellent service and phenomenal products both on the ground and above the clouds, including business and first class. However, the only aircraft that Qatar offers first class is on the A380.

With a total of eight Qatar first class seats at the front of the A380, these semi-private suites have been designed with a beautiful mix of burgundy, gold and pink colors. From the pink lighting to the wood accents, Qatar Airways first class is elegant, chic and comfortable.

With a seat pitch of 83 inches and width of 23 inches, the Qatar Airways first class seat can convert into a fully flat bed with a push of a button next to the armrest. There are two presets that are separate from the other seat controls, allowing you to adjust the seat in any position for the most comfort.

Under the same armrest, you can find the touchscreen remote to control your personal mini light, privacy screen, the seat position and the large, 26-inch entertainment screen in front of you. You can also use this storage space for small personal belongings for easy access during the flight.

Like many first class seats, Qatar Airways offers an adjustable tray table and an ottoman opposite the seat for a fellow traveler to sit across from you at almost any time during the flight. If you’re flying with a significant other, have your meal set for two and enjoy each other’s company while dining on traditional dishes.

One drawback in Qatar Airways first class is the storage space. There is some room underneath the ottoman in front of you, but there are no overhead bins to place large roller bags. The crew has to store them in another area so make sure you have a smaller bag filled with all the essentials that you can place underneath the ottoman.

Ready to unwind? If you’re sitting in a Qatar Airways first class seat, you will be provided with pajamas which include a long sleeve top and pants by The White Company, as well as and warm slippers to keep your feet from freezing. And with linen by Frette, plus a plush duvet and pillow, you’re sure to have a restful flight.

As for the other amenities, you will be provided with a reusable kit by BRIC (a new release)—one designed for women and one designed for men. Each one contains products by Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, who designs natural skincare products that will help you look refreshed after any long-haul. Products include face mist, lip balm, night cream and moisturizer by Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, as well as a wooden hairbrush, earplugs, pouch for your eye or sunglasses, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. The women’s bag is extra special because it can be used as a shoulder bag thanks to the detachable strap that comes with it.

Although first class doesn’t have shower suites like those found on Emirates, the lavatory is spacious enough for you to be able to change from your travel clothes into pajamas. The lavatory features a long bench, sink, counter and even fresh flowers.

One of the best parts about the Qatar A380 is the onboard bar, available to both first and business class passengers. The bar area has lots of seating options and a tall, long bar table that winds through the middle so that you can enjoy your drink standing up or sitting down. Aside from drinks, the bar area also offers lots of snacks such as fruit, hors-d’oeuvres, chips, etc. to pair with your favorite drink. So go ahead, take a break from your seat and enjoy a chat with another premium passenger onboard.

For a better tour of the inside, check out the video below, courtesy of Qatar Airways.