Namibia, Africa is a coastal nation that borders Angola, Botswana and South Africa. It’s capital, Windhoek is known to have some diverse wildlife and plenty of cheetahs, which is why a safari trip near Windhoek may be better than those found in other parts of Africa.

Before Windhoek was ruled by the Germans in 1884, the Portuguese were the first to colonize the area when they landed on Namibia soil in 1485. Before then, different groups of tribesmen settled in the area at different time periods, but after the Germans took control, there was a lot of upheaval between the Europeans and the natives.

Although Germany ceased control of Namibia, the country fell under South Africa’s rule for almost 20 years until Namibia won its independence in 1990. Throughout the centuries of colonization, the country underwent a lot of transformation, and even though the city’s capital was only established in 1890, it’s bustling with plenty of things to do and see. Heading to Windhoek? Here are some recommendations to consider checking out.

Wilde Eend Bistro

Start your morning off at Wilde Eend Bistro, which serves both breakfast and lunch. Even if you’re not hungry, you must try their coffee. They are known to have delicious, homemade sandwiches with fresh bread, or you can munch on waffles and sweet cakes made right there and then. Plus, they have outdoor seating for you to enjoy the fresh air. Wilde Eend Bistro is family friendly, so don’t be discouraged to bring everyone here for a bite or just some refreshing drinks either before you explore or in-between your adventures.

Namibia Craft Center

Wherever you are in Africa, shopping at local stores is the best way to give back and support the community. Namibia Craft Center is the perfect place to purchase all sorts of items for yourself and people back home—from jewelry and woodwork to bowls, home decor, clay pots, clothing and so much more. The Center strives to offer its customers sustainable crafts, and all are made from Africa. There is nothing in this store that are made or comes from a different continent. So go ahead, shop away and support the small Namibian businesses.

Namibia Horse Safari Company

Say goodbye to the traditional safaris in cars because this experience is definitely for the books! The Namibia Horse Safari Company offers a unique adventure on a horse. You can choose from a variety of trips online, but for the majority of options, this is more than just a day trip—some can last up to 11 days. You will be fed and can book accommodations in towns you stop in along the way. It’s a truly magical and once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The Boiler Room

One of the best places to wind down is at The Boiler Room, serving delicious alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy while listening to a live band perform. You can find all ages gathering here—from young adults to ones much older. Plus, The Boiler Room also serves food such as pizza, chips, chicken, tacos and burrittos—and they are quite good! The bar stays open from 4pm to 4am every day but is closed on Sundays.

With so many places to choose from in Africa, we recommend checking out Windhoek, Namibia at least for a few days, especially if you’re traveling throughout the continent or are in a neighboring country. So if you do find yourself in this city, we hope this guide can help you find some interesting places to check out!

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