Air France has a terrific first class called La Premiere, and for those of you who have a premium ticket, can enjoy both the exquisite lounge and seat.

From the moment you step inside the Air France La Premiere cabin, you are greeted by the professional cabin crew who will assist you with all your needs throughout the flight. The first class cabin features soft colors of greys and browns with wood and metal details, which to help ease you into a restful flight. Air France offers first class on only two airplanes, the A380 (of which there are nine suites) and the Boeing 777 (of which there are 4 suites). One of the biggest differences between the two are the dimensions and privacy—the Boeing 777 offers fully-enclosed suites whereas the A380 are open and feel more like a business class seat than a first class one.

Air France La Premiere first class

(Image source: Air France)

Air France La Premiere on the Boeing 777 is the preferred option and offers a seat length of 81 inches and a width of 35 inches (the one on the A380 is only 79 inches long and 24 inches wide). Each of the four seats is equipped with a curtain that closes and provides complete privacy—you’ll be able to feel as though you’re relaxing at home.

Each seat has a lamp, a place to hang your coat or suit, an ottoman for your travel partner or spouse to sit across from you during a meal or any other time during the flight, large tray table and several storage spaces. There’s one under the ottoman that’s lined with velour to fit a purse, backpack or briefcase, and another large storage space near the armrest to fit all your lose items like your phone, keys and wallet. That same storage bin also holds the touchscreen remote for the TV, USB and A/C sockets and the 3.5mm jack for your headphones.

Air France La Premiere first class seat

(Image source: Air France)

Whenever you’re ready to unwind and convert your seat into a fully-flat bed, you can rest assured you’ll have one of the most comfortable flights in your life. Flight attendants will provide you with a  memory foam mattress, large luxurious duvet and a full-sized pillow—the combination is pure bliss. Even if you don’t want to sleep, you can adjust the seat in any position that suits your needs, or use one of the three preset positions.

The Air France La Premiere features a 24-inch entertainment screen (the A380 has a 10.4-inch screen) with over 1,000 hours of shows, films, games and music.

Aside from the seat, Air France has been voted number one for having the World’s Best First Class Amenities, which include everything from the linen to the amenity kit. The first class kits are very unique featuring a snap, magnetic closure in two colors. Each one features products from CARITA Paris including eye cream, face cream, another cream for eyes and lips, and hand cream, along with the basics such as a sleeping eye mask, earplugs, comb, pen and earphone covers. This amenity kit was released this year, so it’s very new!

Overall, the experience on Air France La Premiere is terrific and highly recommended. For a better view of Air France La Premiere, check out the video below, courtesy of Air France.