Qatar Airways has won the 2019 World’s Best Airline Award, but there are plenty of carriers in the world that strive to better themselves and make some kind of mark on the people it serves.

Aside from the Best Airline, Skytrax awards carriers that have made an effort to improve their products such as seats, food, drinks and comfort, cabin service, the service on the ground, and their miles program. So for 2019, here’s who made it to the top five for the world’s most improved airlines.

1. Philippine Airlines

This year’s Most Improved Airline award goes to Philippine Airlines (PAL). In 2018, Philippine Airlines was number 49 out of 100 in the list of the world’s best airlines and rose to number 30 this year. Although PAL is yet to become a 5-star airline, it has made some improvements that have allowed the airline to retain its 4-star certification. A few notable changes PAL has endured includes the debut of a new business class seat, fresh premium economy seat, and a new IT system for better bookings and customer support.

2. British Airways

Number two on this year’s list of most improved airlines is British Airways, which recently revealed a brand new first class suite and business class seat that is changing the game for the airline. Plus, British Airways released a new Premium Economy amenity kit, digital tags to keep track of your luggage via your phone, and new lounges in San Francisco and JFK.

3. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines came in at number three this year, a jump from number seven last year. At the same time, the airline debuted a new business class and first class seat, and although Malaysia Airlines has been suffering from several tragedies and financial struggles, it continues to build itself up in order to stay afloat for the time being. There have been many conversations on what the future hold for Malaysia Airlines, so we will wait and see—will it join another carrier or disappear entirely?

4. Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways, which stood at number three in 2018 has gone down to number four for 2019. Nonetheless, Fiji Airways became a certified 4-star airline this year and has also released a new business class seat—a major improvement from the older version. Moreover, the carrier has launched a Dine on the Ground service, where business class passengers can enjoy a multi-course meal before takeoff so that they can have more time to relax and work while flying. Meals on board will be lighter and those traveling for nine hours can still enjoy a lighter breakfast/lunch and one three-course meal.

5. Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines comes in at number five for 2019. The national flag carrier of Brunei has increased and added flights to various parts of the world including the UK, China, Taiwan and Australia, however, it has faced a lot of negative news reports about their views on certain political and social situations. Both STA and Virgin Australia have ended their partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines, and unless they decide to make significant changes, it doesn’t look too bright for this airline. Nevertheless, it still made it to the top five most improved airlines for 2019—a bit surprising, don’t you think?

Following the top five is Gulf Air in sixth place, United Airlines in seventh, Air Mauritius in eighth, LEVEL in ninth and Spirit Airlines in tenth place.