Spontaneous trips or ones that require us to pack quickly and leave last-minute can be easy as long as you know what to do. From your hotel stay to your airline ticket, here are the top five last-minute travel tips for less frequent travelers to those who fly often, both internationally and domestically.

Tip #1: Consider a One-Way

One way tickets can be cheaper than a round trip, which is why you should consider looking into this option when shopping around. If booking with a consolidator, check with your agent to see what one way and round trip options are available—sometimes savings can average a few hundred dollars.

Tip #2: Book with a Consolidator

Consolidators like us have access to unpublished fares, perfect for last-minute travelers that are heading somewhere in less than a month. Unlike aggregators, consolidators provide a human relationship, can work with unique and very personalized itineraries that other sites cannot provide—you can purchase a business or first class seat and save thousands. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about flying long-hours uncomfortably, and can utilize all the perks of flying in a premium cabin from the ground up.

Tip #3: Check for Packages

Regardless if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, checking websites for packages that can combine hotel stays, transportation and activities together can save you anywhere between 15 to 45 percent off than buying each one separately. And know that you no longer have to book a flight to get a packaged deal. Many websites now offer accommodations and activities plus transportation around the destination you’re in.

Tip #4: Find Other Means of Transportation

Sure, Uber is worldwide, but there is another way to get around a city or across many cities. When abroad, check to see what tram or metro is around and if the country has its own version of Uber (which tends to be cheaper). You can also check to see the railway system, which is a great option to get from one country to another, especially throughout Europe. You don’t always have to fly!

Tip #5: Use the Hotel Website’s to Compare Rates

Hotel rooms can sometimes be cheaper when booked directly through the hotel’s website versus using other common aggregator websites such as Trivago, Hotels.com, Roomkey, Booking.com and others. It’s always best to compare and see what’s out there to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you don’t have much time, then at least use the hotel’s website and Trivago to make sure you’re not missing out on some savings, even if it’s only $30 to $50 difference—if you’re spending more than one night in the same room, those numbers really add up.

What other tips do you recommend for last-minute travel?