Cathay Pacific first class passengers have access to excellent amenities both on the ground and above and is one of the only 10 five-star certified airlines in the world. Although Cathay Pacific didn’t make it to the world’s best first class seat for 2019, it still offers a noteworthy product in their premium cabins.

Currently, Cathay Pacific offers first class only on their Boeing 777, but the six “private suites” as the airline calls them, located at the front of the airplane, are not as private as those found on ANA, Air France, Japan Airlines or Asiana Airlines. Nonetheless, the service is professional and attentive, and the seats are comfortable and luxurious.

With a seat pitch of 81 inches and a width of 36 inches, Cathay Pacific first class provides plenty of room to stretch out while you work away on your laptop, dine on multi-course cuisine, and/or catch up on several hours of sleep as you travel across nations to your destination. Each seat, designed in a 1-2-1 layout, is equipped with a small ottoman for your feet or a guest to sit across from you (seatbelt included for safety), large table tray with a faux wood finish, AC and USB outlets, two small enclosed storage spaces underneath the side table, and plenty of table space on the side for your drinks, devices, etc.. There’s also a 4.3-inch touchscreen controller to adjust your seat, the 15.4-inch entertainment screen, and to turn the seat massage functions off and on.

And don’t worry, if you’re sitting in one of the two middle seats, you will never have to see your neighbor, thanks to the large privacy window that completely separates the two seats. Moreover, each seat is designed with soft leather and cozy fabrics to keep you comfortable throughout the flight while you sleep or keep entertained.

Aside from the seat, Cathay Pacific first class passengers can dine on exquisite meals—from Caviar Calvisiu with champagne and hearty tomato basil soup to black Angus beef tenderloin or steamed lobster with steamed scallions, and pineapple-crumble cake to finish it off. You’ll feel satiated and satisfied to the fullest!

When it comes to the amenities, the Cathay Pacific first class kit is not as luxurious as some other airlines like Air France or Qatar Airways (their cases are so unique), but it still is keep-worthy and can be used to store plenty of toiletries and/or makeup when traveling, thanks to the double storage zippers. These amenity kit designs are brand new, released this year, and come in two colors—caramel for women and grey for men. Each case is equipped with Aesop products including lip, face and hand cream, along with a small wooden brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, single-use mouthwash, eyeglass microfiber cleaning cloth, eye mask and disposable earplugs.

In addition to the kit, those sitting in Cathay Pacific first class receive long-sleeve and pant pajamas, a luxurious duvet, a full-sized pillow and a memory foam mattress. There are even green “night lights” you can turn on around your seat to help you ease into a restful mood. Ready to fly first class on Cathay? So are we.