Let’s face it, we all forget to pack at least something we end up needing, just like we (at least once in our life) probably were late to a flight and missed it. It’s either we get to the airport and realize it then and there that we’ve forgotten something, or we realize it when we already arrive at our destination. And although we can purchase whatever we need later on when we get to our final location, making a list can be beneficial to not only save you time but money as well. Moreover, if you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t have all the necessities you can find back home, checking to see if you have everything beforehand is important.

From toothpaste and bandaids to swimsuits and trousers, here’s a list of the most common things we subconsciously fail to pack before taking off to a foreign place. Don’t leave home without them!

Phone Chargers: Phone chargers are probably the most forgotten item that people tend to forget to pack, whether it’s for an iPhone or Android. Although you can purchase a charger for your mobile device almost anywhere it’s not always the best (and can harm your phone, especially since phones are designed slightly different across global regions.

Toothpaste: Another common necessity we forget to pack is toothpaste. Due to the 100mg/ml laws, which is how much liquid and creams you can bring with you (regardless if you’re traveling internationally or not), many of us don’t usually hold 100mg of toothpaste around our homes. And let’s face it, the toothpaste you receive on the plane in business and first class or in a hotel room isn’t great, which is why we recommend buying a bulk of your favorite type to stick in your carry-on every time you jet set away.

TSA Locks: Some carry-ons are designed with built-in locks, but for those who don’t have one already installed into their luggage should remember to pack this necessity. Keep your belongings safe with a TSA lock if you have to store your luggage outside your room. Even if you do have a hotel room, you may want to lock your luggage while you’re out exploring to keep anything that doesn’t fit into the hotel safe, stored securely.

Bandaids: Sure, bandaids may not be on everyone’s radar, but we should always remember to bring some—they always come in handy! From a scrape or a blister, bandaids can be such a lifesaver, especially when a clinic or drug store is not nearby.

Sanitizer / Antibacterial Wipes: Keeping your hands clean in times where soap and water are not available is a necessity, which is why bringing sanitizer and/or antibacterial wipes are life-saving. From the airport and airplane to the hotel and restaurants, these items can help prevent us from transferring germs or getting sick ourselves.

Swimsuits: You’ll be surprised how many times we forget to pack a swimsuit and end up needing one at some point during our vacation. Even if you’re not planning on going to a beachy or an island destination, remembering to pack a swimsuit still comes in handy when you discover you want to jump in a lake or hotel pool to cool off or just relax in. They also can benefit you in your wildest adventures such as water rafting or tree swinging across bodies of water.

Trousers: Failing to pack trousers may seem a bit nonsense, but how many times have you gone somewhere, had to go out for a night, and forgot to bring an extra pair of nice dress pants. Moreover, wearing what you’ve worn on the airplane and through the airport and more isn’t always the best choice (since many of us don’t wear trousers while flying for comfort reasons). As such, before you head out that door, we recommend you put just a pair in your bag for that special night out—regardless if you’re a man or woman.