Every year we are wowed with outstanding first class concepts that are so luxurious they don’t seem real. From the Peacock First Class Concept to the Domus apartment, designers are conceptualizing ways to offer ultimate luxury to airlines who seek to be on top for their highest-paying passengers.

Although most of the luxury suites like Singapore Airline’s newest apartment in the sky requires a large jet like the A380, factorydesign, a “multi-award winning, creative design agency” from London has come up with a brand new approach to first class that can be installed on a smaller airplanes such as the A350 or the Boeing 777X. Dubbed “En Suite”, this first class apartment is unlike any other we’ve seen. Moreover, the design won the 2019 Yacht & Aviation award for the Best Cabin Design.

One of the biggest factors that define luxury aside from comfort are the materials and colors used for the design. factorydesign En Suite offers soft tones of greys and browns mixed with marble-like and wooden surfaces that give off a feeling of tranquility to ease travelers for long-haul flights.

As for what’s inside, factorydesign En Suite concept features two entrances (one near the restroom and one in the seating area), private lighting that can be controlled within the suite, long countertop, mini hallway, two large leather seats, large tray tables that can be combined as one, stowage space on both ends of the seat for carry-ons, two large entertainment screens for each passenger, and a private restroom (minus the shower). There’s plenty of light in this private suite thanks to the three windows in the living area and one in the restroom.

factorydesign En Suite first class concept can also turn the two luxury seats into a full bed that can be shared with a small family or a couple traveling together. Another benefit to this concept is that the factorydesign En Suite can be used to sit two first class passengers who are not flying together who will share a single restroom rather than a public one open to all first class travelers. It would still feel very private given that nothing else in the room would really change unless the airline decides to add a moveable separator between the seats. Since there are two entryways to factorydesign’s En Suite, each traveler would have their own way to get to their seat and the restroom without having to overstep the other passenger.

Currently, there is no airline that is opting for this design, but it’s not impossible to imagine it coming into play in the near future—at least for some of the more luxurious, five-star airlines in the world.