Some of the most luxurious Airbus and Boeing private jets such as Melody, DreamJet or the Infinito have been designed in extravagant style. And although it’s breathtaking it might not feel like “home”, which is why this leads us to the Gulfstream—a 2019 International Yacht & Aviation Award Winner for Design—a company that develops the most advanced business aircraft in the world.

In celebration of 60 years, Gulfstream designed a beautiful cabin for the G650ER that feels more like a home than a spaceship. The private jet offers clients to customize the interior as they like while maintaining the overall theme of serenity.

(Image source: Cnn Mitfol / YouTube)

The Gulfstream G650ER interior is designed with high-end patters that combine abstract with natural ones seen in nature while still invoking a high-end feel. For instance, the floor has water-like designs yet are gold and silver in color; the seats are made with untanned leather and cloth with simple colors yet are extremely comfortable to sit on; the tables and surfaces are natural faux wood like those found in nature, as well splashes of marble for a more sophisticated look.

The cabin is split into three sections. The first is a room with a long couch, HD TV that can be retracted from the elongated table, and several individual chairs with tables—a space that can be completely closed off from the dining/social space thanks to the sliding door. The second area is similar to the first with another couch, individual chairs and a TV, but smaller than the first. There is also another separate mini-bar area where drinks and food can be stored, plated and heated up.

Gulfstream knows the importance of feeling comfortable while traveling long distances, which is why the design of this interior cabin was well-thought-out—from relaxing to working, dining and socializing, Gulfstream’s award-winning private jet interior is a home away from home.

The Gulfstream G650ER has the ability to fly up to 15 hours nonstop, which is perfect for those who wish to fly internationally. Would you spend 15 hours in this cabin?