Airline seat designers are always finding ways to create something new and efficient for carriers and the travelers who will be sitting in the seats. AirGo, a Singapore-based company that has developed an award-winning economy seat has now taken the step in developing a “new” business class seat concept dubbed “Galaxy”.

The AirGo Galaxy business class is designed with space in mind, allowing airlines to not only squeeze in as many possible premium seats as they can but also install an onboard bar and coat room on smaller jets. What makes the Galaxy business class seat unique is that there are two different designs, one for seats located by the windows and one for seats located in the middle section.

(Video source: Ishrion – Aviation & Trip Reports / Youtube)

The AirGo Galaxy business class cabin is in a 1-2-1 layout, providing direct aisle access for everyone, however, those traveling with a significant other or as a family will benefit greatly by selecting seats by the windows. Usually, window seats are for solo travelers (which it can be), but the Galaxy window seat can also be for parties of two or more.

Similar to Air New Zealand’s angled business class seat, the Galaxy business class is also angled but the side panels can be entirely dropped to make room for travelers. You can now be closer together either while sleeping or even watching a film. In order for the panel to completely drop, travelers on both ends have to approve the function on their entertainment screen. It’s not a double bed like those found on Qatar Airways, nonetheless, it is better than being completely closed off from one another. This angled business class seat design can be used on single and double aisle jets, which is perfect for airlines that are opting for the Airbus A321XLR for long-haul flights

Those flying solo can enjoy plenty of privacy in the almost forward-facing seats in the middle, but if the window seats are all occupied and travelers are flying with another travel partner, the panel between the two middle seats can be lowered as well (just not completely down).

Aside from the seat, the AirGo Galaxy business class features an onboard bar at the front—similar to Emirates and Qatar Airways—serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as snacks. Nonetheless, elongated couches and seats in the bar area have not been identified. Will travelers be standing? Or, will they have the option to use the bar area space to congregate and socialize?

The bar is not the only addition, the Galaxy business class cabin comes with a mini library and closet located at the back of the cabin. Feel free to grab some reading materials or hang your coat or jacket to avoid any wrinkles and save space around your seat.

Although it’s only a concept at this stage, AirGo is hoping to make the Galaxy business class reality in the near future. Will airlines adopt this “new” business class concept? If so, which carriers will be the first in line?