Fall is just around the corner, and with summer travel just about finishing, expert adventurers know that the cooler months can be the best time to get up and go on an adventure. Whether it’s sailing along the southern coast of Europe or hiking through the mountains in South America, the fall opens up a perfect time to escape. With less crowded cities, fantastic weather and cheaper accommodations, here are the top five places to plan a getaway to this fall.

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands is a perfect fall getaway thanks to the favorable weather conditions (70 degrees Fahrenheit) and cooler water to swim in. The fall is also a prime time for spotting sea life such as whales, penguins, turtles and dolphins around the area. If you’re an animal lover, find a tour company that offers swimming with these beautiful creatures. Aside from the water life, the Galápagos Islands is the perfect place to rent a sailboat and explore the area around or tour the island life on land. If you’re a foodie, expect to dine on fresh, local cuisine at some of the best restaurants including IslaGrill, La Garrapata and Almar.


Spain can be bolstering hot in the summer months, which is why heading to the south during the fall is a favorite among the Spanish and travelers from other parts of the world. As such, Málaga, located in the southern part of coastal Spain, makes for a terrific fall getaway. Although the weather is a bit cooler, you can still enjoy a day at the beach without having to worry about overheating, and if you don’t want to sit on the sand, rent a bike and explore the city that way. Málaga offers visitors incredible wine and tapas tours or day trips to Caminito del Rey. And if you’re into art, you can explore the Picasso Museum, which tends to be less busy in the fall and later months.


Tbilisi makes for another favorable fall getaway thanks to the pleasant weather and cloudless skies. The city is full of beautiful churches to explore as well as the famous Narikala Fortress. During the fall months, visitors can relax in natural sulfur baths, join in the traditional celebration of Tbilisobaon, where tonnes of vendors come out to sell their wine, cheese and sweets for you to buy and sample. Beginning in the middle of October is the Georgian International Festival of Arts that runs through mid-November as well as the Tbilisi Jazz Festival that runs from the last week of October to the first week of November.


Although you may not think to go to Bali during the fall months as it tends to rain there, the wet weather is not all that bad—plus it helps keep things cool. Although the country’s capital is busy year-round, we recommend taking a trip north to Ubud for some peaceful relaxation as well as rice terraces, private villas and historic sites that date back to the 11th century. We love Ubud for a fall getaway because you can walk the Campuhan Ridge without worrying about the scorching sun, enjoy local cuisine or even yoga outdoors. You can expect prices to be cheaper as well for accommodations during the fall months, so don’t worry about booking too far in advance if you’re heading to Ubud for a fall getaway.


Antibes is another favorite fall getaway due to the cooler (yet not too cool) weather that ranges in the 70s (Fahrenheit). Located in the southern part of France, Antibes has an old town feel that is anything but dull. Visitors who come here during the fall can wander through the open-air markets or stroll through the paths that famous artists once sat and painted. If you come here in September, you can check out the Festival International d’Art Sacre, a sacred festival with concerts held in the Cathedral of Antibes and the Saint-Bernardin chapel, or Festi’PAL, a water festival that involves paddles, kayaks and the beach. October brings the locals together at the Salon du Vin et de la Gastronomie, a food and wine festival featuring some of the best wines and cuisines that are brought there from different regions.

If these or any other destinations speak to you, we’d love to help you get there in comfort and put some savings in your pocket. Submit a flight request or contact your agent and we’ll find the best dates to travel there!