American Airlines may not be regarded as having the best business class seat in the world, but its product on the Boeing 777-300 is actually worthwhile. The business cabin features 52 lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 layout with just the right amount of privacy. Plus, it’s perfect for solo travelers or those who are traveling with kids or a partner. What’s nice about this cabin is that there is a mini-cabin at the very front with eight business class seats, followed by the lavatory and then the remainder of the business class cabin behind it. If you’re looking for extra privacy, we recommend snagging a seat in rows three or four.

American Airlines business class seat on the Boeing 777-300 measures 25.5 inches wide and 75 inches long, all of which are forward-facing but are angled to allow for that more private feel. What we like about the seat is that all the controls to adjust the position, charge your devices (AC, AV, USB), turn on your reading light and the remote for the entertainment screen are all found in a single spot on the side of the seat’s wall. There’s a storage cubby next to the controls that can fit a bottle and some other personal items, and is also where the Bose headphones are located. You can find another open cubby on the side of the seat next to your feet (same place the magazines are stored) to put your tablet or small laptop.

For those who book an American Airlines business class seat will receive a full-sized pillow, soft duvet, mattress pad and slippers, as well as a Cole Haan amenity bag filled with Cole Haan lip balm and lotion. The kit also includes mouthwash, eye mask, earplugs, pen, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste to keep you refreshed throughout the flight.

A few other American Airlines business class seat features include a decent-sized entertainment screen that swings out in front of you from the side, a large privacy window between the two seats in the center aisle, and a spacious ottoman for your feet (the ones on either side of the cabin are slightly larger than the ones in the middle aisle).

These American Airlines business class seats on the Boeing 777-300 are available on the routes to London, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Buenos Aires from the following US cities: Dallas, New York, Los Angels and Miami. The Boeing 777-300 also flies between Los Angeles and Miami, the only domestic route with these business class seats.

For a tour of American Airlines business class seat, check out the video below, courtesy of American Airlines.