The turning leaves, the crisper air, the migrating birds—all signs that fall is upon us. And with the changing season, many travelers search for the best fall getaways to escape the cold. Nonetheless, there are also many of us who want to book a trip where we can enjoy the beauty of fall, better known as fall foliage.

So where do we embark during these months to catch all that fall has to offer? Be it this year or next, here are our top five destinations around the world known for having the best fall foliage.

Lake Como, Italy

Just because it’s colder, doesn’t mean that Lake Como should be off your list to experience fall foliage. This beautiful little resort town located on the base of the Alps is transformed into a wonderland of browns and yellows. During the fall, travelers can hike up the hill to the Baradello Tower built during the Medieval period for a picturesque view, watch the cyclist tournament at the end of October, take part in the Chesnut Fair or even the Fall Fair Market where you can dine on delicious, local Italian cuisine while listening to folk music.

Schwangau, Germany

Germany is known for having many castles throughout the country, but one in particular—Neuschwanstein Castle located in Schwangau—is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. When in Schwangau, you can visit the castle and absorb the views of nature that surround it, join in on the music street festival in September, or delight yourself during Octoberfest in October. You can also drive to Füssen to experience the Vielsaitig Festival, where musicians from different parts of the world come together to play at the Imperial Hall of the Abbey of St. Mang.

Szeged, Hungary

Another city we recommend for fall foliage is Szeged, Hungary. This large city is blessed with lots of sun throughout the year, and if you decide to spend either September or October in Szeged, you can take a riverboat tour around the city, check out the International Tisza Fish Festival for the freshest seafood dishes, or sample the best wines while catching a few concerts at the Wine Square at the end of September. And if you like spicy, then make sure to sample some street food during Szeged Paprika Show and Chili Weekend.

Perth, Scotland

Scotland is absolutely stunning during the fall, and one of the best cities to see its effect is in Perth. The magical destination is swarming with boundless trees that create a spectacular environment during the cooler months. Starting in October, you can “explore the sight, sounds and scents of the cosmos” at The Enchanted Forest, or treat yourself to a selection of handmade chocolates and a variety of gins at the Perth Chocolate, Gin & Things Market in November. Since Perth is situated right beside the River Tay, you can take a ferry or leisurely ride along the water before it gets too cold.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania may be one of the most interesting regions to visit, especially during October. But the vampires and the spooky atmosphere isn’t the only thing that draws in tourists from around the world. As the weather changes and with it, fall foliage, Transylvania becomes a colorful painting that can be seen in all the towns and villages in the region. From the Halloween events in Bran at Bran Castle, International Wine Festival and Salsa Festival in Cluj-Napoca to Oktoberfest in Brasov, Transylvania is an adventurous place to visit in autumn.

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