When visiting Europe, many travelers are drawn to the larger city hubs such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin, to name a few. All of these are beautiful destinations that have many gems to explore, but outside of those major cities lie other places that continue to maintain their beauty unobstructed by a concrete jungle. Such areas help level us (thanks to nature) and allow us to forget about the chaos around us.

No matter where you go in the world, you are bound to encounter magnificence that takes our breath away. From Northern to Southern Europe, here are the top 5 most beautiful destinations in Europe we recommend visiting at least once—be it one or all.


Europes most beautiful destinations Vikos Greece

(Image source: Biedermann / Pixabay)

When traveling to Greece, many will stop in Athens for a few days and then head off to one of the 227 inhabited islands. But what many travelers may dismiss is heading in the opposite direction—inland—where you can discover another side of Greece. There lies one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe called Vikos, located in the Zagori region in northern Greece. This area is surrounded by trees, water, stone bridges and the famous Vikos Gorge. It’s the perfect destination for hikers and mountaineers who want to enjoy the outdoors. If you want to stay overnight for a day or more, there are small villages surrounding Vikos Gorge where you can rent a room in a charming boutique hotel overlooking Lake Pamvotida.

Yorkshire Dales

Europes most beautiful destinations Yorkshire Dales England

(Image source: TimHill / Pixabay)

After exploring England’s capital, a trip to the northern parts of the country are a must where you’ll encounter endless greenery spreading as far as the eyes can see. This brings us to another one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations in England called Yorkshire Dales, a national park in Bainbridge. Those who venture here can expect to see lots of drystone walls and greenery with roaming sheep, all of which are sometimes best viewed on the train that travels from Settle to Carlisle. If you don’t hop on a ride along the railway, you can come to Yorkshire Dales to talk a walk or cycle, and then head to the Yorkshire Dales brewery for a fresh beer to finish off the day.


Europes most beautiful destinations Hallstatt Austria

(Image source: Julius_Silver / Pixabay)

Vienna, Austria has it’s magnificence, but outside of the main city lies an even greater beauty, Hallstatt. This small town located on the side of Lake Hallstatt is one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations for a reason. The spectacular views offer you a tranquil getaway from the busyness of city life, where you can walk through the narrow streets and gaze at the 16th-century homes, eat at local cafes and restaurants and ride along Lake Hallstatt. The area is especially lively during Christmas, and many who love to ski come here to stay during the winter as well.

Cliffs of Moher

Europes most beautiful destinations Cliff of Moher Ireland

(Image source: Nanni05 / Pixabay)

Ireland is known for being very green no matter where you go, and although Dublin is a fun city to explore, heading outward towards the sea is a must. One of the most beautiful places in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher, where once stood a fort but was destroyed during the wars in the early 1800s. The area has become a significant place of beauty for Ireland, and aside from the Cliffs, you can walk on the Coastal Trail, absorb the view from O’Brien’s Tower, or take it all in via a cruise that sails along the coast from Doolin.

Plitviče Lakes National Park

Europes most beautiful destinations Plitvice Croatia

(Image source: Ymon / Pixabay)

Croatia is breathtakingly beautiful, and although many travelers end up in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split, we recommend checking out another one of Europe’s most beautiful places outside of the major cities called Plitvice Lakes. This destination is one of the oldest parks in Croatia featuring a river, mountains, valleys, waterfalls and lakes. There are paths made of wood for you to walk on where you can explore the national park. If you love to hike, then this is the destination for you—there are paths all throughout the forest to go trekking and consume your daily dose of nature.

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