Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced a “new” business class seat on the A350 and the A321LR. However, if you are a frequent SAS customer, you may notice something vaguely familiar with these “new” seats—they are very similar to the seats featured on the A340 and A330 with some minor changes, one of which is color (albeit minimal).

For the A350 business class seat, SAS has opted for the Vantage XL seat, a popular product available on other airlines in business class such as Malaysia Airlines and China Eastern. The SAS A350 business class seat offers direct aisle access with plenty of surface space for your smaller and larger devices as well as drinks and meals, an HD entertainment screen measuring 18.5 inches, a foot massaging function and a seat that converts into a fully-flat bed. The business class seat measures 77 inches long and about 24 inches wide. As for the A321XL aircraft, SAS has opted for the Vantage seat for the business class cabin.

(Video source: SAS / YouTube)

There will be a total of 40 business class seats on the A350, an aircraft that will have better cabin pressure, temperature control and fresher air that’s more comfortable for everyone. One of the other bigger differences between the business class seat on the A350 versus the A321XL is the middle row. Those flying on SAS A321XL in business class can enjoy choosing a middle “throne seat” available in every other row. This type of “throne seat” is ideal for those who are traveling solo and want even more space than the seats located on either end of the plane can offer.

Starting January 2020, the SAS A350 will first fly between Chicago and Copenhagen followed by flights to Tokyo, New York, Beijing, San Francisco, Shanghai and Hong Kong., whereas the A321XL will fly between major hubs located in the Northeastern part of the U.S. and Copenhagen.