The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) monitors travel trends every year in order to determine what countries are up-and-coming, which is calculated by how many travelers visit that particular nation. This year, two of the top five are Middle Eastern Countries, one is in Asia, one is in South America and one is in Africa. If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to travel to in 2020, consider one of the top five up-and-coming destinations.


Tajikistan may not pop up on your destination bucket list, but with a large boost in tourism in just a year (over 190 percent to be precise), it shouldn’t be disregarded. This Asian country offers visitors breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, lakes and parks that leave an impression on you. For instance, you can book a tour to travel along the Pamir Highway and stop at local villages along the way, trek in Fann Mountains, unearth the country’s history at the museums or shop at the local markets in Dushanbe, or see tombs dating back to the Iron Age in Murgab.


Ecuador is the second up-and-coming destination, with a 51 percent boost in tourism in only a few years. This South American nation has much to offer, including the well-known Galápagos Islands featuring beautiful beaches, clear water and warm temperatures to go diving, swimming or sailing, or you can make your way to the capital of Ecuador, Quito, for some fantastic food, nightlight and museums with pre-colonial artifacts. There’s more to Ecuador once you head out of the city such as the Cascada de Peguche, a magnificent waterfall flowing through the bottom of a volcano or to Quilotoa, a caldera filled with water created by the fall of a volcano. If you’re wanting for some real adventure, book a hiking tour up Cotopaxi, an active volcano located in the Andes Mountains.


Another up-and-coming destination is Iran, where the process of getting a visa has become much easier now and prices are cheaper due to the decline of the rial. Aside from Tibilisi, you can also book a guided tour (which we recommend) to see other parts of the country such as Persepolis, where the Persian Empire first came into being, Nasir ol-Molk Mosque, the most gorgeous one in all of Iran, a 5th century irrigation system called Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System or even Tabatabai House in the city of Kashan, which once belonged to very wealthy family and is now a jaw-dropping museum.


Egypt is one of those destinations that continues to spark interest for those who have yet to visit this ancient nation. Aside from the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings, the country just welcomed its newest, most exquisite and one of the largest museums in the world, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You can also head to the low-key city of Aswan located right next to the Nile, to the scenic city of Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert, or to Alexandria, Egypt’s most European city.


Uganda is another up-and-coming destination that has had a 31 percent boost in tourism since 2018, some of which has to do with the new fascination of going on a gorilla safari. For the safety of your health, we recommend you find a tour company such as Primate Safaris UgandaAfrican Adventure Travellers or Gorilla trips Uganda for a curated experience and one where you’ll feel comfortable with your surroundings. In addition to the safaris, you can visit the Sipi and Kisiizi Falls—both of which are beautiful waterfalls—or take a one-day tour of the city of Jinja where you’ll discover the Source of the Nile, go on a boat ride or even whitewater rafting.

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