With New Year’s Eve only a little over a week away, many have already planned where and how they’ll spend ringing in the new year (and decade). Whether you’re staying home or close to home or heading somewhere far to a distant country, the entire world will be welcoming 2020—and some sooner than others. But if you’re still thinking of a last-minute getaway and need a little inspiration, here are our top picks for the best destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations and the events taking place.


London is one of our favorite cities to ring in the New Year, and although the temperatures are low, the firework shows around London are absolutely breathtaking. Plus, there are plenty of parties to choose from, including a cruise with a three-course dinner, a multi-course meal at a restaurant for a low-key experience, or for a night out full of dancing and partying, you can choose one of many parties happening all around London. If your up for more celebrations on New Year’s Day, then head to the New Year’s Day Parade, featuring live performances, floats, music and more.


Japan knows how to party, especially for New Year’s Eve. If you’re considering Tokyo as a destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations, then you’re in luck. The City boasts an array of different types of parties to ring in 2020. There’s the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise First Sunrise, an extremely large aquarium where you can watch performances and comedy shows throughout the night, or The Prince Park Tower New Year’s Countdown party, featuring flame-dancers and jugglers in addition to perfect views of the fireworks. Other events include New Year’s Eve at Tokyo Disney for a magical experience, Yokohama Chinatown celebration for dragon dancers and if you’re looking for a New York Times Square type of night, then head to Shibuya crossing for the countdown.


Since Sydney’s summer is during the holidays, celebrating the New Year in this wonderful city down south means you don’t need to worry about any cold weather while outdoors. The fireworks show in Sydney is spectacular, especially seen over the Sydney Opera House. If you’re looking to avoid crowds by the Harbour Bridge, we recommend booking a party at View Sydney, featuring endless drinks, food and a terrific observation deck to view the fireworks, or on a cruise with My Fast Ferry, where you’ll be able to wine, dine and sail along the Harbour while watching fireworks go off all around you. Of course, there are other venues around Sydney where you can uncover a place to celebrate—from lounges and bars to restaurants and hotels. For a complete list of events, please visit the official page here.


December in Manila is probably the best month to visit the city (and country) thanks to the favorable temperatures between mid-70s (low) and mid-80s (high). If you’re planning a vacation during the holiday season and into the New Year, Manila has a lot in store for you when it comes to celebrating. From family-friendly and mardi-gras themed, date-night worthy events at Sofitel Manila, live performances, food and non-stop drinks as well as 24/7 games at The City of Dreams, or even a party on a rooftop with 360-degree views of the fireworks at I’m Hotel. For a full list of events both free and paid, check out the official page on Eventbrite.


Singapore is also one of the best destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations due to the weather and overall luxurious and green environment. From the famous Marina Bay, which hosts an extravagant party of circus acts, live music, activities for kids and a multi-sensory musical plus jaw-dropping views of the fireworks to The Gold & Glitter Soiree, featuring a mouth-watering Italian dinner followed by fireworks and dancing, Singapore is the place to be when it comes to ringing in the New Year with a bang. Other events include a 1920s cabaret party at 2020 Loco Royale, a Mulan Rouge-themed celebration at Yang Club Singapore, and an 80s and 90s countdown fiesta at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, which also includes a complete, international buffet.

Regardless of where you go and what you do, we want to wish you a prosperous 2020! How will you be ringing in a new decade? All glitz and glory or something low-key and cozy?

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