Flying in business class has its perks—from fine dining and multi-course meals both on the ground and in the air to more than 6 feet of space to stretch out, lounge access as well as free spa services. Plus, some airlines provide a chauffeur to and from the airport to or from your hotel or home. Other benefits of traveling in business class that are beneficial while traveling long distances for vacation during the winter is the amount of luggage you’re allowed to bring on board and check in.

Having a business class ticket means you can check in two free bags with an average maximum weight of 70 pounds per bag. Economy passengers can only check in one luggage for free on international flights with a maximum weight of 50 pounds on average. Additionally, business class passengers are allowed up to 40 pounds (on average) in their carry-on, whereas economy passengers can only carry-on 20 pounds. That’s double the space you can bring on board the aircraft and in the cargo. But why should we care?

Taking a vacation during the winter to another cold climate where skiing or snowboarding is in season, being able to bring your winter clothes as well as your ski equipment and snowboard without having to sacrifice paying extra is extremely beneficial. Different airlines have different policies regarding sporting equipment, what’s included in the baggage allowance and the exact policy that goes along with it. Luckily, you can quickly look up this information for all airlines large and small with this handy list. (Although, we always recommend double-checking with the airline as policies can change and varies between destinations.) 

Remember, airlines also have specific rules on how your skis should be packed, if your boot bag is included or if it counts separately, and whether or not you need to let the airline you’re flying with know you have ski or snowboard equipment with you, beforehand. Nonetheless, flying in business class will allow you to not only pack your clothes for exploring and nights out in the city but also your sporting gear without having to worry about overweight fees, paying for extra luggage or even worse, having to leave your bags behind.