Vienna is one of Austria’s most popular cities to visit, especially if you’re only in the country for a few days, but another magnificent city you cannot ignore is Salzburg.

The city was founded in the 5th century by the Celts, which lived in the area until the Romans merged surrounding cities into one. In the 17th and 18th century, Salzburg was transformed into an exquisite place with expansive gardens, affluent palaces and extraordinary churches. In the early 19th century, Salzburg becomes part of Austria, and after the Second World War, the City was damaged by almost 50 percent. Nonetheless, after the war and then the fall of communism, Salzburg steadily recovered. Today, it’s a destination offering visitors an array of sites and places to check out. So for those heading to this Austrian city, here are our top picks to uncover while you’re there.


For the best views (even better than from Fortress Hohensalzburg), we love climbing up Kapuzinerberg Hill. It’s a little steep going up but it’s a short climb—completely worth it. There are various spots at the top where you can see Salzburg and the mountains that surround the city. There are three paths you can take to get to the top: Steingasse by way of the Imbergstiege stairway, in Linzergasse starting at Franziskustor gate, or from Fürbergstraße.


Did you know that Salzburg is full of water canals, called Almkanal, hidden beneath the city’s streets that date back to the Medieval era? The Almkanal has been expanding over the past 100 years using refined materials, but the original waterway was constructed using Roman ruins. Although water runs through almost year-round, there are 3 weeks out of the entire year in September where people can explore the underground wonder via a guided tour. If you’re in Salzburg in September and want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, click here to contact them for more information about the tour.

Bicycle Tours

One way to explore the city is via a bike tour. From April to October, you can take yourself and your fellow travelers on an adventure through the city and uncover gems that a bus tour can’t take or show you. We recommend booking the Fraulein Maria’s Bicycle Tour, which lasts 3.5 hours and covers 8 miles. The tour is particularly special as it takes you to scenes from “A Sound of Music” that everyone will enjoy. Plus, the tour runs every day, rain or shine.

Augustiner bräu

Austria is known to have terrific beer, and our top pick to enjoy a variety of fresh beer in Salzburg is Fuxn, a newer, hip tavern located in a 200 plus-year-old building offering award-winning ale. There are 5 rooms and an outdoor patio that’s stunning in the summertime. Fuxn also serves traditional Austrian cuisine such as pork cheeks, schnitzel, curry-wurst and pork knuckle.


One of the oldest restaurants in central Europe is said to be right in Salzburg called Stiftskeller. Dating back 1,200 years, this restaurant is constructed inside Saint Peter’s Abbey. Stiftskeller serves authentic, award-winning Austrian cuisine using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. There’s even the option to reserve a “Mozart Dinner”, where you dine on traditional food as it was served 300 years ago, by candlelight with live classical music. It’s a perfect way to end a night with your significant other.

Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart but there’s so much more to this city to experience. From beer gardens and delicious meals to bike tours and underground tours, we hope this guide will help you uncover Salzburg’s secrets that will allow you to enjoy your time there even more.

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