From 2020 to 2023, American Airlines will introduce a new first class and business class seat for a variety of its fleet including the A321XLR, Boeing 737, Boeing 777 and the Dreamliner. The changes will come in phases and first class is first in line.

The first class upgrades are for the Boeing 737s and A321s and include the following changes: better divider that separates the business and economy cabin for additional privacy, 3 more inches of legroom, extra space underneath the seat for your belongings, holder for a tablet, small tray for cocktails, refined cushion for the seat that’s more comfortable than before and USB ports to keep your devices charged. The changes may seem minimal, but it’s an improvement from current first class seats for these aircraft.

On the other hand, the business class upgrades are much more refined and will be for seats on the Dreamliners, A321XLRs and some of the Boeing 777s. American Airlines commented, “We have chosen a seat for the 787-8s that we’ll receive in 2020. It’s an enhanced version of the Collins Super Diamond seat model that we have on our current 787-9 and some 777-200s”. These seats will all convert into a fully-flat bed with a curved back to create a bit more privacy and will have better storage spaces for your small to large belongings. If you’re not familiar with Rockwell Collin’s Super Diamond seat, it’s the same one found on Virgin AustraliaHainan Airlines, British Airways, China Airlines, Air Canada and Fiji Airways.

(Video source: Ohlalair / YouTube)

In a more recent commentary, American Airlines is also thinking to opt for the Adient Ascent seat, which is very customizable and can be arranged where the middle seats become a double bed (Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines both offer a double bed in business class) or arranged in a way where the seats are both reverse herringbone and just herringbone depending if it’s an aisle or center seat.

Whichever seat option American Airlines opts for, we can’t wait to see the end result in the coming years. The updates are long overdue.