Two years ago, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) retrofitted their business class seats for the new A330 jets. Those of you who find themselves with a ticket in business class on the Dreamliner (Boeing 787) can expect to have a similar experience. The seats on the Dreamliner are still fairly new (released in 2016), featuring a 1-2-1 layout in the favorable reverse herringbone design, allowing for more privacy especially if it’s a window seat.

The KLM Dreamliner business class cabin consists of 30 seats on the 787-9 version and 38 seats on the 787-10 version of the Dreamliner, both of which are all in one cabin versus being split up into two. The cabin is decorated in the airline’s colors of blue, grey and white, which does feel dull when compared with other airlines such as Oman, Emirates or even British Airways business class. Nonetheless, it simple and clean.

As far as the seat goes, the KLM Dreamliner business class seat measures 42 inches in pitch and 20.25 inches in width on the 787-9 whereas the 787-10 has a pitch of 60 inches, but the same seat width of 20.25 inches (still smaller than other business class seats which tend to be closer to the 22 to 24 inches in width). The seat features a large entertainment screen measuring about 17 inches that swivels from the side (not the most favorable design) with a push of a button, a spacious side table, a tray table that’s smaller than usual but can fit a MacBook Air on top of it, and a side cubby with a built-in mirror where you can store your wallet, phone and other small items. Unfortunately, there’s not much storage space around the seat for larger belongings, but you can tuck a small bag/handbag underneath the ottoman in front of you, which is comfortably large for your feet when converting the seat into a fully flat-bed.

Other features include a personal reading light (in addition to the one above the seat), USB and A/C outlets, touch screen remote that can be removed from the side of the seat to control the entertainment screen, lights and seat, and a large pillow and comforter plus one of the two versions of the Jan Taminiau amenity kits. There’s a female and male version, but the only difference between the two is the color of the socks and bag design—one is a light beige zip around and the other is a blue clutch. The kits include the basics: socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, earplugs, pen and eye mask—nothing extraordinary.

As for the food, those flying in KLM Dreamliner business class can dine on meals created by the three-star Michelin Chef, Jonnie Boer. The airline also offers 5 on-demand meal options and “anytime for you”, which allows you to select what you want your meal to be and at what time—a completely personalized experience that’s become very popular for travelers sitting business and/or first class on other carriers.

For a tour of the KLM business class cabin on the Dreamliner, check out the video below, courtesy of KLM.