Many if not most airports offer two types of TSA security clearance options that are efficient and quicker than standard lines—CLEAR and TSA PreCheck. Both will help you get through lines faster, but they are different from each other.

While TSA PreCheck is available in over 200 airports nationwide and adopted by 73 carriers, CLEAR is only available to a little over 30 of the largest ones in the U.S. as well as at stadiums (i.e. Yankee Stadium and AT&T Park) and concert halls. If you’re curious or considering either (or both), here’s what you should know.


CLEAR is a biometric system that scans your eyes and fingerprints to identify you so that you don’t have to wait in line to have your ticket and ID checked with an agent. Once you are cleared by the machine, you move to the regular line to have you and your bags scanned. Want to skip the queue even faster? Enroll in both CLEAR and TSA PreCheck for a seamless security screening. Some of the major airports that offer CLEAR are Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Miami, New York and more.

CLEAR costs $179 for 12 months. Click here to sign up for CLEAR.

TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck allows you to skip the dreaded lines at airports not only because it has a separate line but also because those enrolled don’t have to take off their shoes, jackets, belts or items out of their carry-ons. There is a separate, shorter line to have your ID and boarding pass checked but it’s not a biometric system that CLEAR provides. The TSA PreCheck application process is pretty simple—aside from filling out an application online, you’ll also have to provide your U.S. passport or driver’s license, have a clean record and go in for an interview. The complete list of requirements can be found here. Wondering which airport offers TSA PreCheck? The full list can be found here.

TSA PreCheck costs $85 for 5 years. Click here to apply for TSA PreCheck.