A look into Emirates new business class seats on Boeing 777

emirates new business class

Emirates is known for its style, class and top-of-the-line luxury experience, particularly in business and first class. Over the past year, the airline has rolled out several new features and products, including new lounges with a total of 39 worldwide, new children’s toys and activity kits, new Bvlgari amenity kits, and more recently, the new business class seats on Boeing 777-300ER.

Inspired by the interior of a modern sports car with diamond pattern stitching and grey leather, the new design is both sleek and comfortable—exactly what you would expect from one of the best airlines in the world. Here’s what the new design can offer you.


These cities are the best places to ring in the New Year | 2017

hong kong new year

It’s almost that time again to say goodbye to another year and hello to a brand new one. For some of us, celebrating the New Year means hosting a party at home, going out to an event, or even taking it easy and watching the ball drop on television. But for others, celebrating the New Year means heading far, far from home to a destination across the world for an unforgettable experience.

So if you’re looking to ring in the New Year with style in a city that’s known for being extravagant, exciting and one-of-a-kind during this holiday, then make sure book your next ticket to one of these five destinations.

Experience Iceland like a local

experience iceland like a local

Iceland—a country with a population of a little over 320,000—has become an even more popular international destination for tourists all over the world. In 2015, 1.3 million tourists visited Iceland (a 20-30% growth year after year), and it’s no surprise because the country offers travelers beautiful sights, jaw-dropping waterfalls, 30 active volcanoes, tons of hot springs, lava fields with elves (as many Icelanders believe), fantastic scuba diving areas, and hospitable and friendly locals that make you feel right at home. You can also hike glaciers and waterfalls, go whale watching, take helicopter tours or night tours to see the northern lights.


Money saving tips for your next vacation

money saving tips

Saving enough for your next vacation is not always easy. With tickets and accommodations to purchase, sights to see and food to eat, sometimes we have a hard time gauging the amount of money we’ll spend. So to make sure you have enough for your next vacation (and to help reduce any possible stress), here are several money saving tips that will leave you with enough  to have a brilliant time away from work.


Need a city tour? Here’s where you can hire a local travel guide

local travel guide

Discovering cities like Beijing, Barcelona or Sydney (to name some of our favorites) doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sure, you can check out the hidden gems on your own, but why not have a local tour you around? As much as technology is great for getting you from point A to point B, there’s nothing like having a personalized experience by someone who actually knows the city (and is a real human being).

So to help you find the right tour guide at your next destination, here’s a list of five websites where you can hire a local tour guide that will make your trip so much more memorable and worthwhile.


This is what it was like to travel in a Boeing 747 in the 70s

boeing747 in the 70s

Air travel now is nothing like it was almost 50 years ago—with more space, classier interiors and bolder designs—the 1970s was the Golden Age of air travel, especially in a Boeing 747.

Aside from more leg room, yes more space for your body to relax, 747s in the 1970s also had piano bars, large lounges in the upper deck, fresh flower arrangements with meals, and full-on restaurants.

Here’s what the interior of Boeing 747s looked like on a variety of airlines like Pan Am, TWA, American, Delta, Braniff, and United (among others).


Beijing’s often missed attractions that deserve to be seen


Beijing City, established over 3,000 years ago and renamed thirteen times, is now home to over 21.7 million people. It’s a city with deep history, rich culture, ancient architecture, and delicious cuisines. Beijing glows with beauty and youth, appearing in the world in its grand, lovely, new and modernized form, changing each day.

Tourism in China was off limits for many, many years, and was almost an unknown phenomena for most except government officials. It wasn’t until the late-1970s that tourism to China opened up to foreigners. Now, it’s predicted to become the world’s most visited country by 2020. And it’s no surprise that Beijing is known as one of the most popular tourist destination in the world and in China.

So if Beijing is next on your list of places to visit (or if you’re heading back for round two or three), then take a break from the traditional sites such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, and make your way to some amazing hidden gems that are often missed by many who visit. Among these places are Jingshan Park, Simatai Great Wall, Tongli Studios and Dashilar, all of which offer you a bit of everything for an unforgettable experience.



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