Singapore Airlines takes the title for world’s longest flight

Singapore Airlines world's longest flight

This year, Singapore Airlines (SIA) completely reinvented their premium cabins, including their luxurious first class suites, and their business class seats that can convert into a double bed.

Now, it’s taking the title of flying the world’s longest flight beginning this October, traveling from Singapore to Newark. Those who will book this trip will have to stay on the same airplane for 19 hours. Now that’s a challenge!


SFO is getting a refresh in Terminal 1

SFO terminal 1

Some of you may have heard of United’s new Polaris Business Class lounge that just opened in San Francisco International Airport (SF))—which is a huge bonus for those traveling on any Star Alliance airline via SFO. But that’s not the only improvement the airport is receiving.

Beginning next year through 2022, SFO Terminal 1 will be getting an entirely new face, and it’s about time.


Airplanes are flying slower today than 60 years ago

Flying is slower today than before

Some of us have either read, heard or even experienced how much travel has changed throughout the decades. But what we no longer see or do inside an airplane is not the only aspect of travel that’s dramatically changed over the years. 

Flying is the other part that’s been altered—we are now spending more time in the air than we did 60 years ago. Yes, you guess that right. We have actually slowed down rather than speed up. Why? Because flying slower saves more money for the airline.


World’s best islands for a summer getaway

Worlds best beaches 2018

As summer itches its way towards us, vacation planning becomes a must! But with so many places in the world to visit, how do we choose the right one?

This summer, our eyes are set on vacations on some of the world’s best islands. From east to west, we’ve selected our top favorite destinations we highly recommend you add to this year’s summer getaway plan. To make it even more pleasant, these world’s best islands are not only unique, but are hidden gems we know you’ll love (and enjoy much more than the highly dense touristy spots).


Near-future business class seats will be self-cleaning

Self-cleaning business class seat

Business class seats have come a long way since the 1970s, and are more extravagant than ever. But they are about to get even better.

A company by the name of Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH is creating a seat for premier cabins that will have the ability to self-clean with a germ-killing antiseptic. The process would take only a few seconds, resulting in a fresh, clean seat ready for the next passenger.

The reason behind this scientific development is the increase in bacteria left on the seats of planes after each flight. A spectacular feat to help combat germs that other’s may be carrying such as the flu or simple cold.  


Surprising passport facts that you may (or may not) know

Passport facts

The history of the passport dates back thousands of years, evolving from a single piece of paper into a complex book with multiple pages, allowing us travelers to explore the world how we see fit.

More recently, passports have been redesigned to be more secure and combat identity theft. But do you know how many features are found on the passport, making it difficult to forge? Let’s take a look at the six aspects, some of which you may (or may not) already know of.


PAL unveils a new business class for the Airbus A300 fleet

Philippine Airlines business class seat

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is about to become a five-star airline.

Starting next month, those flying to/from Brisbane Australia and Manila will be able to experience the new business class seat aboard two revolutionary airplanes—the A321neo and A350. The debut of these aircrafts (along with the brand-new business class seats) will make PAL “the first airline [in Southeast Asia] to operate the longer-range version of the A321neo, whose enhanced technology enables nonstop flights to Australia, India and other medium- to long-range destinations.”

Let’s take a sneak peek inside the new Philippine Airlines business class cabin.


Step off the beaten track in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv city guide

Tel Aviv has grown into a major tourist destination for those traveling to Israel, featuring over 4,000 buildings built by German Jews in the 1930s to 1950s in the Bauhaus style, which gave it the name “The White City”.

The modern city of Tel Aviv is fairly new. Established in 1909 by 60 Jewish families, it was first named Ahuzat Bayit and then a year later became Tel Aviv, meaning “hill of spring”. Although the city we know today is only a bit over 100 years, its history dates back to 7,500 BC when Jaffa, now a part of the city, was a major port city.

Fast forward several thousand years and we enter into the remarkable city we see today full of bars, shops, markets, churches, mosques and restaurants serving food from all over the world.

So for those looking to take a trip through Tel Aviv, here’s a list of the top off-the-beaten-track places to mark off your list.


This first class apartment is better than any other in the sky

First class apartment

Etihad Apartments was the first well-known luxury home above the clouds, but it wasn’t long until other airlines followed suit, including the most recent Emirates First Class Suite and Singapore Airlines First Class Suite.

JPA Design, a luxury designer for airlines, trains and hotels, has developed a concept for first class that’s on the level of apartment living above the clouds for commercial airlines. And this first look will have you blown away.


Welcome to the new United Polaris business class lounge in SFO

United Polaris Business Class Lounge in SFO

Two years ago, United unveiled its brand-new business class seats called Polaris, which have been a hit ever since. But the airline didn’t stop there—the next upgrade was going to be on the ground.

The first opening of a United Polaris business class lounge was in Chicago last year, and only two weeks ago, our very own SFO welcomed the new lounge. The metamorphosis from the old lounge is spectacular, so if you have yet to see the inside, here’s what you can expect: