All aboard All Nippon Airways business class seat

ANA Business Class Seat

This year, travelers flying between Tokyo and Honolulu will be able to experience All Nippon Airways (ANA) newest business and first class seat aboard the double-decker A380. But those who are flying other long-haul flights, such as Tokyo-Perth, Tokyo-Brussels or even Tokyo-Munich, to name a few, will most likely be flying aboard their Dreamliner. Although the seats are not as high-end as the Airbus A380, they are still comfortable and a good option if traveling from Japan to Europe, Australia (and soon the US). If you find yourself with a ticket on ANA’s Boeing 787, here’s what you can expect when flying in their premium cabin.


Travel tips to consider every time you visit another destination

Travel tips for international destinations

Traveling the world is one of the best experiences you can ever have, and if you know how to travel right, it will make the trip memorable and stress-free. Additionally, the more you travel, the more knowledgeable you become when it comes to finding out what to do and see, where to go to eat and/or drink, and how to have a good time. But for those of you who have only just started traveling, or haven’t done a lot of it, here are some tips to consider every time you visit another, new destination.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Airport welcomes a new Emirates business and first class lounge

Emirates first class lounge in Rome

This summer, Star Alliance opened a lounge in Leonardo da Vinci’s Airport in Rome, and just recently another lounge opened up in Rome by Emirates. This luxury airline that debuted a phenomenal new business and first class suite earlier this year now welcomes business and first class passengers to their lounge in Rome’s Airport.

Emirates considers the new business and first class lounge a huge success for the airline, especially since it’s a major improvement from the previous lounge customers had to use. After $4.5 million US dollars invested, Emirates is able to “provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience, not just in the air, but also on the ground”, said the Divisional Senior Vice President for Emirates, Mohammed Mattar.


Helsinki city guide: our favorite spots in this vibrant seaside destination

Helsinki City Guide

Founded by the Swedish King, Gustavus Vasa, in 1550, Helsinki was ruled for several centuries by the Swiss until Finland was conquered by Russia in 1809. It wasn’t until more than 100 years later did the country become independent in 1917, the same year that Helsinki became the capital.

Fast-forward to another hundred years, and the city has become a vibrant seaside destination known for its gorgeous coastline, fantastic saunas, amazing eateries, modern designers and urban culture. So for those of you venturing out to this Nordic city, here are some of our favorite spots we recommend you check out the next time you’re in Helsinki.


Say hello to the new KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol

KLM Crown Lounge in Amsterdam Airport

KLM’s retrofitted A330 World Business Class was a nice upgrade for this carrier (which is also the oldest airline still operating today). Luckily, more upgrades have been made, including the brand new KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, although only part of it is currently open.

When the KLM Crown Lounge fully opens next summer, it will be able to accommodate 1,500 travelers in a space that measures 73,194 square feet. Customers will be able to enjoy their time before a flight in a place that has high-end yet welcoming decorations, lighting, furniture and design.


Top 5 biggest airlines in the world: facts and figures no one ever thinks about

Interesting airline facts

The aviation industry is an interesting one, with secrets that many don’t know or don’t pay attention to but are quite fascinating. Even more so, some of the biggest airlines in the world have their own intriguing facts and figures that we’ve dug around the Internet for in order to find the best ones.

How much do you know about the largest airlines in the world? Let’s take a look at the top five biggest airlines (ranked in terms of volume of passenger miles) and insights that no one ever thinks about.

SWISS’ business class lounge just received a facelift

SWISS business class lounge in Geneva

Earlier this year, SWISS opened up its flagship lounge at Kloten Airport, and just recently have remodeled their lounges at Geneva Airport in Switzerland.

These two lounges—Business and Senator (i.e. First)—are similar in style to the one in Zürich, with its pleasant and inviting colors of blue/black leather, grey, and light, natural wood. The decor is comfortable, with floors that are wood mixed with darker grey tile, walls that are made of limestone, and furniture that’s designed by luxurious, Swiss craftsmen. To brighten up the space, SWISS lounges in Geneva now offer warm lighting, as well as bigger, open spaces than the previous design. Let’s take a peek at what that actually looks like.


Top three ultimate New Year getaways to ring in 2019

New Year getaways 2019

With New Year’s Eve only a week away, the world is finalizing its preparations for the best night of the year. From East to West, each country, city, and region celebrates a new beginning differently in their own way. Some places are more mellow, whereas other cities are extravagant, going above and beyond than most usually do.

Although there are so many destinations around the world to celebrate the New Year, we selected Hongs Kong, Edinburgh and Bangkok as the top three ultimate New Year getaways to ring in 2019. Here’s why:


Another brilliant product aboard China Eastern A350

China Eastern business class A350

If you’re familiar with China Eastern’s premier cabins aboard their Boeing 777-300ER, then wait until you see their newest business class product aboard the A350.

China Eastern A350 now has business suites that are completely enclosed—it will make you feel like a first class passenger with a smaller price tag. Set to take flight next year from Shanghai to Sydney and back, those flying aboard this aircraft in this new seat will have an excellent product to look forward to.


Interesting airport facts: how many do you already know?

Interesting airport facts

What would travel be like if we didn’t have airports? It’s hard to imagine what that would look like exactly, so we have to give thanks to everything that airports do for us—keeping us fed, entertained, relaxed and help pass time by before jumping on another airplane.

But airports are much more than service providers, they are gateways for us to get from one destination to another. And there’s much more to them than we may know, which is why we scoured the Internet for the most interesting airport facts out there. How many of these are you already familiar with?