Experience the clean and minimalist business class on Finnair

Finnair business class seat

Finnair has recently upgraded their business class cabin to one that’s more clean and minimalist by changing out the interior colors, pillows, blankets, plates and glasses, and amenity kits.

Similar to that of Lufthansa’s Business Class, Finnair’s new cabin interior portrays Northern European nature. According to the Head of Cabin Interior Development at Finnair, David Kondo, their “new seat textiles and comfort amenities have a fresh and modern aesthetic that is inspired by Nordic homes and landscapes”. From the soft white that represents snow, to the mix of grey and off white that depict birch trees, the new cabin is as refreshing as a morning hike in the mountains. 


Step inside Korean Air’s sleek lounges in Incheon International Airport

Korean Air Business Class Lounge Icheon Airport

It seems that more and more airlines are upgrading and opening new lounges around the world quicker than ever before—from Qantas’ new Heathrow and Melbourne lounges, Virgin Australia’s lounge in Hong Kong, to Air New Zealand’s lounge in Melbourne Airport, and United Polaris Lounge in Chicago.

The more recent ones are Korean Air’s first class, business class, and frequent flyer lounges located in Incheon International Airport, Terminal 2. They have been strategically built and positioned inside the terminal to allow travelers to check in, pass through security, and board seamlessly and efficiently. 

And the best part? Each upper class gets its own special area for the best traveler experience. Let’s take a look at each one a little more closely.


The new and improved Malaysia Airlines First Class Suite

Malaysia Airlines first class seat

A few months ago, Malaysia Airlines revealed brand new business class seats for their A350s, which will debut in two years. But the best is yet to come.

Their fresh first class suites that have also been installed on the new A350s are on a whole new level. Similar to that of the Delta One suite, Malaysia Airlines first class seats are uniquely designed for ultimate privacy—and there are only four of them in the primer cabin.

The design is a customized version of the business class seat by Thompson Aero Seating’s Vantage XL, which several different carriers have already installed on their A350s.

Let’s take a look what you can expect flying in first class on Malaysia Airlines.


The most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day (and beyond)

Romantic getaways for Valentine's Day

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, it’s never too late to plan your mini vacation with your significant other. But with so many choices, it can be hard to decide on which destination to spend a week or weekend in. 

So to make things a little easier, we’ve selected the top five most romantic getaways where the two of you can relax and enjoy each other, and the scenery surrounding you.


The new, savvy business class seat on Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Lufthansa’s new business class cabin that will debut in 2020 offers passenger sitting in the middle isle to feel like a king/ queen with it’s throne-like single seat. 

But they are not the only airline that are changing the way you feel in premier cabins. Malaysia Airlines’ new business class on the A350 has large desk space on both ends of the seat, enhancing the amount of space around you (similar to that of Lufthansa’s new cabin).


This is the future of AI technology in the travel industry

AI travel technology

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI, has become extremely popular within the past few years—from Facebook’s image recognition, and Amazon’s shopping recommendations, to iPhone’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and photo augmentation apps like Snapchat.  

But that’s not all, AI is changing the travel industry as well, making booking tickets, checking in, and discovering new places as easy as pushing a button. But what will we encounter in the next few years? Let’s take a look at how AI will impact the future of travel.


Stockholm: discovering a city where modernity meets tranquility

Stockholm city guide

Founded in the 13th century by Berger Jarl, Stockholm experienced extraordinary growth soon after with German influences, thanks to neighboring trade association known as Hansa. Now, it’s the capital of Sweden, spanning over fourteen beautiful islands.

Stockholm is a bustling city that has everything for every type of traveler that sets foot on its soil. From trendy cafes and endless museums, to centuries-old architectural buildings and five-star restaurants, the city has become a destination for over 13.5 million tourists (and growing) every year. So for those who are ready to set off into this gorgeous destination, don’t miss out on these hidden gems.


Explore EL AL’s new Dreamliner business cabin

EL AL Business Class Seat

The flag carrier of Israel—EL AL—revealed their upgraded business class seat on their Dreamliner during the summer, and only a few weeks ago began flying their 787 to the US.

The airline’s business class cabin has been decades behind, which makes this refresh a complete game changer for EL AL, with fully-flat beds and a 1-2-1 configuration, in addition to soft finishes and excellent service.

For those of you who will be flying from the US to Israel and back on EL AL, here’s what you can experience aboard their Dreamliner while sitting in their new business class seat.


Luxury at its finest: the first and only private Dreamliner in the world

private boeing 747

For $74,000 an hour, you can wine, dine, sleep and fly aboard the world’s very first 2,400-square foot private Boeing 787.

Designer Jacques Pierrejean and consulting firm Kestrel Aviation Management merged forces to create this stunning interior for the richest rich. It took two and a half years to design a one-of-a-kind aircraft, featuring a living room, master bedroom, bathrooms, dining room, guest room, walk-in closet and kitchen.

Owned and operated by Deer Jet, a Chinese aviation company, this $300 million jet is a dream that most of us will never get to experience. Nonetheless, thanks to the airplanes caretakers and blogger Sam Chui, we can now take you on a journey through the inside.


Take a dive into Lufthansa’s new business class cabin

Lufthansa new business class 777x

Lufthansa recently Tweeted about their brand new business class seat that will be available on the new Boeing 777X, and they look spectacular. With its cream, charcoal and blue colour hues, the premium cabin will be sleek, classy and undeniably comfortable both in look and feel.

Starting in 2020, you will be able to experience these direct aisle, next generation seats that alter from a 1-1-1 to a 1-2-1 layout. The middle seat that doesn’t have a neighbor may become the ultimate favourite among passengers, due to its throne-like feel.



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