New year, new decade: the best travel goals for 2020

2020 travel goals

Not only is it a new year, but it’s also a new decade, which means more destinations, fresh experiences and new travel goals. Whatever those goals may be, they can be achieved one way or another. You don’t have to do them all at once, either, you can complete each goal one by one as you travel to a place you’ve never been before—it’s the only way to feel accomplished without placing too much pressure on yourself. Whether it’s how you travel, where you travel to or what you want to do when you get there, here are some of the best 2020 travel goals to think about as you step into a new year.


January in Venice: what to see and do

January in Venice- what to see and do

Although summer is beautiful in Venice, it can get extremely overcrowded, which is why traveling to this city can be easier and better to explore during the colder season. And since it’s foggy and one of the lowest tourist months, you can expect cheaper accommodations than what’s offered in the summer. So if you’re planning a getaway to Venice in January, here are our top things to do and see to make your trip memorable outside of the tourist hotspots.


Top summer getaways to escape the winter

Summer getaways for the winter

Although many of us are stuck in the Northern Hemisphere where it’s cold, rainy and covered with snow, there are other places where the sun shines bright, the weather is warm and the only thing you need to layer on is SPF 30. As such, heading somewhere warmer is exactly what we may need. From Asia to South America to Australia and New Zealand, here are the top summer getaways to escape the winter.


Geneva Airport’s newest British Airways lounge

British Airways Geneva Lounge

British Airways has been opening up and refreshing their lounges all over the world this year, including the ones in Johannesburg and JFK. More recently, the airline has refurbished its lounge in Geneva Airport, which embodies the airline’s classic colors of blue, taupe, gold and lots of wood for an airy, open feel—a new concept that was introduced last year.

Spanning across 3,520 square feet of space, the British Airways Geneva lounge is part of an $8.4 billion USD investment to upgrade its lounges around the world as well as the seats across their fleet. And with this newest lounge, you are able to enjoy the benefits of sitting in business class while traveling through Geneva Airport.


For women: most comfortable clothes to wear in business or first class

Best comfortable travel clothes for women

Traveling while still looking put together doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats to be comfortable. Whether you’re sitting in business class or first class, you have plenty of room to stretch out and feel at ease, yet wearing the right clothes can also play a role in being comfortable while flying. From short and long-sleeve tops to pants, shorts and dresses, here are our top picks for the most comfortable clothes for women to wear while sitting in business or first class.


Best destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Best destinations for New Year's Eve Celebrations

With New Year’s Eve only a little over a week away, many have already planned where and how they’ll spend ringing in the new year (and decade). Whether you’re staying home or close to home or heading somewhere far to a distant country, the entire world will be welcoming 2020—and some sooner than others. But if you’re still thinking of a last-minute getaway and need a little inspiration, here are our top picks for the best destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations and the events taking place.


For men: most comfortable clothes to wear in business or first class

Most comfortable clothes to wear in business class

Traveling in business or first class has its benefits—from classy lounges and free limousine pickups and dropoffs to gourmet multi-course cuisines and apartment-style suites. But even with all the luxuries, traveling from point A to point B can be draining, which is why wearing comfortable clothing is important in order to feel at ease throughout your journey.

If you’re looking to travel in style while still remaining comfortable, here are our top clothing picks to wear in business or first class for men.


A mind-blowing new business class seat on Aeroflot A350

New Aeroflot A350 business class seat

You may not think of Aeroflot as having a decent business class, but you’re about to be taken back when you see the new seat on the A350. It’s like nothing the airline has ever shown before, and we can’t wait to test it out.

Set to take flight starting next year, with more A350s rolling through 2023, the new Aeroflot A350 business class will offer all 28 seats direct-aisle access thanks to the 1-2-1 configuration. (The previous class was set in a 2-2-2 layout.) And the best part? It’s completely enclosed. That’s right, Aeroflot business class customers will soon be able to enjoy complete privacy.


Here’s what TSA allows and doesn’t allow when it comes to food

tsa approved food

TSA has become stricter ever since 9/11, and for good reasons too. From sharp objects and food to liquids, there’s a lot to keep in mind while packing your bags either to go on your trip or coming back from it. Although souvenirs such as keychains, home goods and material items can be brought to and from the U.S. without issues, when it comes to edible goods, the U.S. has restrictions on what can be taken through TSA—either in your carry-on or in your checked luggage. So if you are thinking to bring food with you, here’s a list of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in your carry-on so that you don’t end up wasting money by having to throw it out at the airport.