Sitting inside Japan Airlines first class seat

Japan Airlines first class seat

Japan Airlines is a certified 5-star airline according to Skytrax—from first class to economy, Japan Airlines offers its passengers excellent services and seats. Like a lot of first class seats, Japan Airlines has eight semi-enclosed suites on the Boeing 777 aircraft only in a 1-2-1 layout. Those sitting in either of the two seats in the middle can still enjoy just as much privacy as the seats on either side of the plane, thanks to the adjustable window that can be raised or lowered with a touch of a button.

The Japan Airlines first class seats are made of soft, brown leather and the entire suite has been designed with brown hues and wood accents, which create a home-like feel for anyone who gets to fly aboard this premium cabin.


Amman city guide: what to see in “The White City”

Amman city guide Jordan

Amman is an ancient place that has a large collection of ancient humans dating back to 7250 BC. The city was first known as Rabbath Ammon, then Philadelphia before becoming what we now know as Amman. It was an important city due to its location on the major trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia in the 13th century BC. Fast forward to 63 BC, Amman fell under Roman rule for 400 years, and in 630 CE, Muslims conquered the area naming it Amman.

Hundreds of years later, the city fell under the control of the Ottoman Empire, and it wasn’t until 1946 did Jordan finally became an independent nation. Today, Amman is an extraordinary city with so much history and ancient sites that are such a pleasure to explore. If Jordan’s capital is where you seek to find your next adventure, here are some gems to cross of your list of to-dos.


You have to see Japan Airline’s newest first class Tokyo lounge

Japan Airlines First Class Tokyo Lounge

After six months of long work, Japan Airlines opens up its remodeled first class top floor lounge in Tokyo airport, which has been designed with food in mind.

Located in Terminal 2, Japan Airline’s first class Tokyo lounge has kept its large sushi bar but expanded it to serve you even more fresh sushi and sashimi dishes along with traditional cuisines that are created right before your eyes. This exquisite dining area can be found on the top floor and is now open, whereas the lounging portion of the lounge is located on the bottom floor and is still under construction.


You may soon be sitting on a couch 30,000 feet up

Airbus couch concept

A couch as a seat on an airplane that’s not a lounge? This may have been a far dream for premium passengers, but Airbus has developed a couch concept for business class seats that has airlines intrigued.

Together, Airbus and Geven (a seat creator), developed the “Settee Corner”, a multi-purpose couch that can be used to sleep, eat, work and watch TV while feeling as comfortable as one would as if they were sitting on their own personal couch back home.


Seville city guide: what to do and see in one of Spain’s best cities

Seville city guide

Madrid and Barcelona may be the two topmost visited cities in Spain, but there are other places that are charming and just as wonderful to spend a few days in. One of our favorites is Seville, located in the southeastern part of Spain, famous for flamenco dance, amazing architecture, phenomenal culture and art.

The city was first occupied by the Tartessians in the 8th century before the Romans took over around 200 BC, Muslims in the 12th century, and then boomed in the 16th century when it became a very important trade city with Spain. It wasn’t until the plague hit in the 17th century that the city suffered deeply (as did the rest of Europe). Fast forward to today and pieces from various time periods throughout history remain, which are seen and explored by tourists and locals on a daily basis. If Seville is on your list of go-to cities, here are a few spots to add to your list.


This is what an Airbus Hermès Private Jet looks like

Airbus Hermes Private Jet

First class doesn’t always mean flying commercial.

After three long years, the Hermès-designed private jet is now complete. The Airbus Hermès Private Jet ACJ319neo is owned by EVA Airways and can fly for an average of 15 hours—a distance of 7,767 miles. Although the aircraft can officially accommodate nineteen travelers, this jet has been created to only accommodate eight in order to allow for extreme comfort and luxury. Let’s take a closer look inside to see what it’s all about.


Welcome aboard Hainan Airlines new business class cabin

Hainan Airlines business class B787

A few years ago, Hainan Airlines revealed a new business class seat for the Boeing 787, and now, there will be a new business class called “Dream Feather” for the same aircraft. The next ten Boeing 787-9s that Hainan Airlines will be fitted with this elegant, chic and high-end business class seat.

This five-star airline joined forces with Priestman Goode, a transportation interior designer, to give the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats in a reverse herringbone a new facelift. The Boeing 787 will install a total of 26 seats, four less than the current Boeing 787-9s which have 30 seats. As a result, passengers can enjoy even more space.


Stay healthy while traveling: tips to keep your gut happy

healthy travel tip

Staying healthy while traveling through airports and while flying can sometimes be a little challenging, especially when we have to move from high and low altitudes and from hot and cold temperatures very quickly. Moreover, if you’re traveling long distances, our bodies are forced to adapt to the change in time zones—some more drastically than others.

As a result, our stomachs might not always agree to the quick changes, leaving us tired, bloated, upset or uneasy. In order to help prevent an uncomfortable travel experience while getting to your destination, here are some tips to keep your gut healthy no matter how far you’re going.


Nice city guide: a beautiful seaside escape in France

Nice city guide

Paris is the most popular destination in France, but it’s very touristy and can get overcrowded, which is why Nice, France’s coastal city should be the place to go.

Traces of humans living there can be traced back 400,000 years, but the city was officially discovered in 350 BC by the Greeks. For many centuries, Nice was under control between two great Empires, the French and the Italians until 1861 when it finally became part of France for good. During the times of imperial rule, Nice was popular amongst aristocrats, who went there to get away from the craziness of the palace and city and enjoy time by the sea. Even now, Nice is still the go-to for the wealthy, but you don’t have to own a yacht to have a brilliant time. With that said, here are some hidden gems to add to your sites to see.