Top travel apps you can’t be without in 2020

top travel apps 2020

On average, there are more than 2.7 million combined iOS and Android apps released every year—from games and utilities to shopping and travel. And with so many apps appearing in the app stores on a daily basis, it can be tricky to keep up with the latest and greatest when it comes down to those designed for you, the traveler. To help make your next trip even more efficient, we’ve selected the top travel apps you can’t be without in 2020, available for both Android and iOS devices.


Qatar Airways new jaw-dropping business class lounge at Changi

Qatar Changi business class lounge

Passengers flying in first class or business class on Qatar Airways are now welcomed to spend their time in the airline’s newest lounge at Singapore Changi Airport in Terminal 1. The airline announced that this new lounge “will serve as a new standard for all our Premium Lounges going forward”, but if you’ve spent time in Qatar’s lounges in London and in Paris, you may see some similarities.


Hidden gems of Budapest we love to explore

Budapest city guide

The city of Budapest, Hungary was only established in1873, however, civilization can be traced back to the 4th century BC when it was occupied by the Celts. Romans lived in the area for a small period of time until the Bulgarians established their presence, dividing the area into two—Buda and Pest—where two fortresses were constructed, one opposite the other. For centuries, Hungary and Bulgaria fought in a series of wars making it difficult for the city to prosper. It wasn’t until the 12th century did Budapest begin to flourish. The 14th century was the time when palaces were built, and Buda became the epicenter of royal Hungarian power. 400 years later, Buda and Pest merged into Budapest and a bridge to connect the two was built. Although the two World Wars caused a lot of changes in the City, especially after Soviet occupation in the second half of the 20th century, Budapest was able to reemerge as a strong, independent city and become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world welcoming an average of 30 million tourists a year.

For those of you heading to this magical city, here are some of our favorite hidden gems we love to explore.


Onboard lounges are taking over onboard bars

Airplane onboard lounge

Onboard bars and lounges have been around for decades and were once the epicenter of air travel for those in first class. However, with the changing times, airlines are moving away (some already have) from the onboard bars to onboard lounges where travelers can relax and work while still having a snack or drink brought to you by a flight attendant.

Airplane designers are rethinking these spaces and how they will change in the future, becoming more flexible and interchangeable depending on the needs of travelers. In today’s time, airlines such as Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Etihad have taken the leap in changing the onboard bars into onboard lounges.


Onboard KLM’s Dreamliner business class: what to expect

KLM Dreamliner business class

Two years ago, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) retrofitted their business class seats for the new A330 jets. Those of you who find themselves with a ticket in business class on the Dreamliner (Boeing 787) can expect to have a similar experience. The seats on the Dreamliner are still fairly new (released in 2016), featuring a 1-2-1 layout in the favorable reverse herringbone design, allowing for more privacy especially if it’s a window seat.


Transformational technology trends in the travel industry

Transformational Technology Trends in the Travel Industry

With the travel industry expanding and looking to the future, more and more companies are working towards innovations that will allow for overall efficiency, customizations and excellent experiences while being eco-conscious and sustainable for both the traveler and for the airlines and airports that make it all possible.

Euromonitor International, one of the main providers in the world “for global business intelligence and strategic market analysis”, released a report identifying the top five travel trends that are transforming the travel industry—from AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) to big data, apps and IoT (Internet of Things). Let’s take a look at each one to understand how they are changing this sector.


The unique ‘Maveric’ Airbus airplane concept already in test mode

Airbus Maveric airplane

Last month, Airbus revealed a new type of aircraft called Maveric designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent. The airplane is very unique and has a “blended wing body”, which means the body and wings are closer to each other, extending the entire body of the aircraft.

This aircraft is currently a concept, but the airline manufacturer has developed a small version of the Maveric measuring 10.5 feet wide in order to run tests, which it’s been doing so since last year.


Where to see the beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands

Where to see tulip fields in Netherlands

For many years, the Netherlands continues to be part of the top ten list of the happiest countries in the world. And with the overall environment playing a role in this happiness, it’s no wonder that the Netherlands is also one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in northwestern Europe, especially in the springtime.

Known for their gorgeous tulip fields, there are many places in the Netherlands where you can see and enjoy these flowers in full bloom, both in Amsterdam and a bit further away. The best time to see them bloom is from the end of March through April and sometimes up until the very beginning of May. If you’ve never seen or been to one of these tulip fields or are looking for other places to see them in full bloom, here are our top picks we know you’ll love.


These carriers offer lie-flat seats on small aircraft

Lie-flat seats airplanes business class

Most airlines that offer lie-flat seats in business class only have them on larger aircraft such as the Dreamliner, A380 and Boeing 777. Nevertheless, there are a few carriers that offer lie-flat seats on single-aisle jets including the A321LR, A321XLR, A320 and Boeing 757. For those of you who may find yourself with a premium ticket on one of these aircraft can rest assured you’ll be able to rest well on your flight with the following airlines and routes.


Air Canada’s newest lounge at YVR is open for business

Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver

With the recent debut of Air Canada’s unique Cafe Lounge in Toronto Airport last year and a business class lounge in LaGuardia Airport in 2018, the airline is about to welcome another premium lounge called Signature Suite this month at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Set to open next week to the public, the new Air Canada Signature Suite will be very similar to the Signature Suite in Toronto. This lounge, like its sister lounge, is described by the airline as a “haven away from the airport hustle” where you can “have a space to relax before the next leg of your journey…enjoy spectacular service in the restaurant dining room and bar area, work peacefully in the quiet work area or take advantage of a personalized concierge service, there to take care of all of your travel needs”.