#Trending destinations you cannot miss out on this year

trending destinations

Just like fashion, destinations have trends too. They depend on a variety of factors such as political unrest, social media, where your friends have been (and rave about it), as well as reality television and popular films. But doesn’t stop there, the strength in the US dollar has also allowed more of you to travel to countries for much cheaper than ever before.

We constantly are bombarded with images of lavish vacations, amazing scenery, and countless stories from people all over the world, which inspires us and everyone else around to pick up their suitcases, and buy a ticket to that next destination that we just saw or heard about. So if you’re ready to embark on your next vacation, here are the top trending destinations that are a must for your 2017 travels.


Travel tip: how to make your airplane food taste more appetizing

airplane food

Many of us know how dreadful the food can be on an airline—some even can be completely tasteless.

But why does it taste the way it does? One of the main reasons is that the food served to you is not fresh. It’s made before the flight, then re-heated minutes before it’s served. This goes for both first class, business class and economy paying passengers.

The other reason meals taste different is the high altitude. According to Charles Spence, a food author and professor, “the lower cabin pressure, dry cabin air and loud engine noise all contribute to our inability to taste and smell food and drink”. A third of our taste buds become numb due to the change in altitude.

So what do we do? We for sure can’t do much to improve the food we eat, but we can make it taste better 30,000 feet higher with these few tips.


Brussels: an insider’s guide through one of the world’s most international cities

Brussels city guide

Brussels—the capital of the European Union, and Belgium’s largest city, is home to the EU and NATO, one of the world’s most powerful organizations. Not only that, but Brussels is famous for its magnificent chocolate, waffles and beer. 

From the Mannekin Pis, Belgian Comic Strip Center and the Grand Place, to the Schaerbeek and chocolate factories, Brussels is a hip destination yet it still retains a history that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages.

If traveling to Brussels is next on your list, or even if you’re heading there a second time, there’s always something new to discover that you can’t always find in an ordinary tour book. So to make sure your trip is exciting and unique, here’s an insider’s guide to the best spots to hit next time you’re in town.


Welcome aboard Infinito, Airbus’ luxurious million dollar jet

Airbus private jet

VIP jets are all the rage these days—from Lufthansa’s A350 Private Jet or Lufthansa’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz jet to the exclusive cruise line above the clouds by AirCruise. And to add on to the envy for anyone who has the privilege to fly in any one of them, Airbus has released their corporate jet with a hefty price tag of US$99.5 million (and that doesn’t even include the plane’s interior).

Named the Infinito, this magnificent five star hotel above 30,000 feet is available on the Airbus ACJ319neo. Infinito, meaning “infinity” in Italian, derives from the sky ceiling that spreads across the top of the plane, giving it a more spacious feel. Aside from the sky, which by the way is a live HD video of the real sky above, the panel can display any image you like. Looking for some stars during the day? Turn a switch and you can be looking up at the most beautiful night sky you’ve ever seen. Or, change it to a beach scene, and you can be seeing water and palm trees right above your head. It’s the perfect way to set the mood just right.

Here’s what this beauty looks like from the inside:


Discovering Taipei’s hidden gems

Tapei's hidden gems

The metropolitan city of Taipei is a busy, fun and modern destination for those who love to travel to Asia. It’s a melting pot of multiple cultures, which is what makes it unique, thanks to influences by the Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian countries and the United States.

Given that Taipei is the capital, it’s also the center of the small island’s financial, cultural and governmental sectors. From endless shopping, extensive street-food scene, skyscrapers, temples, night markets and so much more—Taipei is the epicenter of it all.

But to really experience this little but mighty city, you need to make your way away to some of the best hidden gems around. Here are our top favorites:


Air New Zealand’s smashing new lounge in Melbourne Airport

Air New Zealand lounge

Air New Zealand has just stepped it up another notch with the opening of their new lounge in Melbourne Airport.

This modern, twenty-first century lounge is now 80 percent larger than the one it replaced (and to be frank, the old lounge was way overdue for an upgrade).

Those flying in business and first class, along with elite cardholders and Gold members can now enjoy all the luxuries the new lounge has to offer. From delicious dining and pre-order coffee waiting for you to indulge on, to private working spaces and play areas for kids—Air New Zealand’s lounge is the perfect hangout spot for those of you who want to unwind and relax before your flight is ready for takeoff.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect once you step inside:


A look at the secret cabin in airplanes designed for the flight crew

secret air cabin

Some of us who sit in business and first class can get very comfortable and sleep our way through, while the rest of us are stuck in a small seat, struggling to get comfortable and catch some zzz’s.

But have you ever wondered what flight attendants do on a long-haul flight, even “ultra long-haul” flights where they have to work eleven or more hours? They are human, after all, and they need to rest up in order to help us until we reach our final destination. Once the main meal service is complete, the flight attendants make their way up (or down) to the small rest areas to relax for several hours.

On larger aircrafts such as the Boeing 777s and 787s, secret air cabins are built above the passenger cabin, and for most of the A380s, these are hidden below deck—accessible only by the flight crew. These secret rooms are usually located at the front and back of the plane, and depending on the type of aircraft, they vary in size and design. Let’s take a peek inside:


Milan: what you should explore in The Drinkable City

Milan City guide

For years, the beautiful city of Milan has been the center of the fashion industry. Not only that, but it has also been growing—becoming the biggest industrial city in Italy.

Milan’s history dates back to 400 B.C.—much of which you can still feel today as you walk through the city’s streets. Aside from being known as the fashion capital of the world, it’s also called “The Drinkable City” due to the fact that there are more than 500 drinking fountains throughout the city, offering fresh water to people on the streets. (Don’t worry, they regulate each one to make sure the water is of standard quality.)

Milan is both thrilling and fun, and home to some of the most amazing sites such as the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, where you can see the famous mural “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. Aside from its rich history, the city is booming with high-end restaurants and shops that are loved by locals and tourists alike. But for those of you who are wanting to experience a slightly different Milan, here’s where we recommend you go.


LAX is getting a makeover: the NEW VIP terminal

lax private terminal

LAX just went up a notch for all you VIPs out there who want to avoid LAX public terminal. Now you can experience going through a private terminal with top-of-the-line amenities, celebrity-style .

Beginning May 15, you will be able to pay $2,000 to access LAX’s “The Private Suite”, designed for those of you flying in business or first class. Say goodbye to paparazzi!

From private check-in, TSA screening and customs to chauffeur service right up to the airplane—this is the ultimate airport experience that will make traveling completely stress-free. Here’s what you can expect:


Why airline seats are more complicated than you may think

secrets about airline seat

Airline seats can either be a traveler’s nightmare or dream, depending on the airline they fly with and if it’s in business/ first or in economy. So who’s to blame for your comfort or pain? It’s not the airline, but the manufacturers like B/E Aerospace and Zodiac, as well as the volunteers who test the seats.

But as many of you may or may not know, these seats that many of us dread sitting in (for hours at a time) are a bit more complicated than we make think. For instance, it takes years for a new concept to be made available for purchase. Or, that seat measurements are determined by samples given by ordinary people, measuring eight different parts of their bodies. Let me explain further…



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