How much do you know about airport codes?

airport codes

Airport codes—we see those three letters every time we book a flight or check in our luggage. Some of you even refer to your own airports with those three letters. How many people do you hear saying JFk instead of John F. Kennedy International Airport, or SFO instead of San Francisco International Airport? Probably very few.

But do you know how an airport gets a code assigned? Or, that codes are actually four letters long? When it all comes down to it, there’s a lot that goes into naming and assigning then you may think. 


The ins and outs of airport runways

airport runway facts

There’s a lot we may not know about air travel—from the air in oxygen masks and cold cabin temperatures, to secret flight attendant codes and hidden airline cabins.

But have you ever thought about those boring airport runways that airplanes land and launch off of? Probably not. But without them, aircrafts wouldn’t be able to lift off and fly you away, or land at your next destination. Although these large areas of tarmac are distant thoughts in our heads, they still possess a few interesting facts that may surprise you.


Award-winning airlines with the world’s best cabin crew

best cabin crew airlines 2017

Winning a SKYTRAX Airline Award is like winning an Oscar—it’s one of the most reputable awards in the world that are given to airlines.

Aside from the World’s Best AirlineWorld’s Top Most Improved AirlineWorld’s Best Business Class and World’s Best First Class, the World’s Best Airline Cabin Staff is another important category desired by all of the airlines on Earth.

This notable award acknowledges the highest all-round performance of a carrier’s cabin crew, comprising of service techniques, efficiency, attention, passion, attitude, friendliness and hospitality. This year’s top ten airlines was made up of mostly Asian airlines with a few airlines that won various prestigious awards in other SKYTRAX categories. Here’s who made it to the top in the World’s Best Airline Cabin Staff for 2017:


A look at Royal Silk Business Class on Thai Airways

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

Business class on Thai Airways is always a pleasant experience, and with the airline being a partner of Star Alliance, the amenities available allow you to have an even more enjoyable voyage.

From elegant lounge access such as the new Air New Zealand lounge in Melbourne Airport, and complementary spa services, to angled flat beds and excellent customer service—Royal Silk Business Class on Thai Airways is a pleasant surprise for anyone who wants to journey with this carrier overseas.

But for those of you who have yet to fly aboard this airline in business class, here’s a detailed glimpse of what you can expect.


These are the world’s top five most improved airlines for 2017

World's Most Improved Airlines 2017

Each year, SKYTRAX awards airlines for being the best across various categories, such as the World’s Best Business Class, World’s Best First Class, World’s Best Airline and so much more. These are prestigious awards that every airline strives to achieve because they are not won by corporate judges, but rather from a collection of surveys taken by travelers from all over the world.

The world’s best airlines have a common goal—to please their passengers. As such, year after year, we see different airlines improve in their overall global rating, as well as airport service, cabin staff, catering services, inflight entertainment, seats and amenities to name a few key categories. Previous award winners for the most improved airlines were Garuda Indonesia, Air France, China Southern Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and Thai Airways. This year, however, the award was given to Saudi Arabian Airlines. Including Saudia, here’s who made it to this year’s top five most improved airlines in the world over the past 12 months.


From birth to retirement: the truth about “old” airplanes

old airplanes

Did you know? Most planes are only used for 25 to 30 years before they are put into retirement. But the truth is, planes are designed to last much, much longer. Nonetheless, they are booted from service because the cost of maintenance increases, as well as the criteria for inspection becomes stricter as the plane ages.

According to a US pilot and writer, Patrick Smith, airplanes are traded, disposed of, or sold “because they’ve become uneconomical to operate”, and not because they are breaking down.


Ancient cities you can still visit today

Ancient cities of the world

Our world is full of ancient cities that are thousands of years old just waiting to be discovered. From Egypt to Lebanon, and Turkey to Bulgaria, our planet offers explorers like you a way to travel back in time, without having to jump into Marty’s DeLorean. 

So to help you on your journey to the past, we’ve selected our top five ancient cities we all know and love that are still thriving with inhabitants to this day. 


Over-the-top airline lounges we don’t mind spending time in

top airport lounges

The invention of an airline lounge was a gift from the heavens—making our lives so much more enjoyable even in the middle of a chaotic place like the airport. But not all lounges are created equal, just like not all airline seats are the same. Some lounges offer free massages and private sleeping rooms, while others only offer the traditional work space with a food and drink buffet. 

Nonetheless, many come with some pretty sweet perks that some people may never even know they exist. We’ll share a few of our favorites to show you what the most luxurious airline lounges can offer for anyone with the right access pass.


Futuristic airport concepts we may never see come to life

futuristic airport concepts

The future is always looking bright, especially when it comes down to travel. With technology advancements, we’re seeing better and faster airplanes and massive airports that connect people from all over the world, to every inch of it. 

From concept airplanes and airports, to seats and gadgets—we are seeing an evolution of what travel can be. But sometimes, even the coolest technologies don’t make it any further than a computer graphic. So to pay tribute to some of those amazing designs, we’ve picked out some of our favorite airport concepts that we believe could be the next best thing, but may never come to life (at least not in our lifetime). 


The best 6 apps that save you money when you travel

best travel apps 2017

Spending more money while you’re enjoying time off from work is not ideal, which is why some of the best tech companies have invented great apps for those who love to travel and save as much as possible. 

From finding the best hotel prices and car rental deals, to trip planners and more, these six travel apps that we’ve selected have won their top spot on our list (and we hope they do the same with you!). Here’s which ones we recommend worth having on your phone.



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