Award-winning private jet interior that feels like a home

Gulfstream G650ER private jet

Some of the most luxurious Airbus and Boeing private jets such as Melody, DreamJet or the Infinito have been designed in extravagant style. And although it’s breathtaking it might not feel like “home”, which is why this leads us to the Gulfstream—a 2019 International Yacht & Aviation Award Winner for Design—a company that develops the most advanced business aircraft in the world.

In celebration of 60 years, Gulfstream designed a beautiful cabin for the G650ER that feels more like a home than a spaceship. The private jet offers clients to customize the interior as they like while maintaining the overall theme of serenity.


What it’s like inside the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Vancouver

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Vancouver

Last year, Air Canada opened a new lounge at La Guardia International Airport, one of 24 total lounges the airline currently has around the world. For those who have a stopover in Vancouver, and flying Internationally (transatlantic) will benefit greatly as their lounge in Vancouver is probably the best lounge in the entire international terminal. It’s been recently renovated (less than two years ago) and spans across two floors and 13,455 square feet of space.

Those flying in business class, now called Signature Class on Air Canada or Star Alliance partner, have the option to spend their pre-flight time relaxing, working or dining in this modern lounge that can hold a total of 258 travelers. Decorated in a mix of the airline’s signature red color along with blue, grey and wood and marble finishes, Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Vancouver is modern, comfortable and refreshing. Moreover, Air Canada was voted the World’s Best Business Class Lounge Dining for 2019, a feature that can make or break a lounge, so you can expect delicious eats at this lounge paired with wines, beer or cocktails.


All aboard Avianca Boeing 787 business class

Avianca Boeing 787 business class

For those of you heading to South America, you have the option of booking a business class seat aboard Avianca, an airline that was number three for the World’s Best Airline by Region for South America and is one of the oldest operating airlines on Earth.

Avianca business class on the Boeing 787 is in a 1-2-1 layout in a reverse herringbone—one of the most common cabin layouts seen across various airlines. With a total of 28 seats at the front of the cabin, you can choose from the larger cabin with 20 seats or a mini-cabin with 8 seats right behind it. If you’re looking for more privacy, we recommend selecting one of the seats in rows 6 or 7.

Avianca business class is a bit plain when it comes to the colors, which are mostly different shades of grey with a few splashes of red. Nonetheless, the seat is very comfortable, and a decent option for traveling to Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, or Ecuador.


Exploring the best of St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg city guide Russia

For those heading to Russia and are planning to spend time in the capital, should most-definitely plan a few days in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Located 448 miles northwest of Moscow, St. Petersburg is a city rich with history and culture.

Established in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, the city was undergoing rigorous construction in order to become the most modern city of Russia during that time. Peter the Great hired engineers, architects and the likes as well as thousands of surfs yearly in order to build a magnificent city, which remained the capital until Moscow was named the capital in the early 20th century. For several hundred years, St. Petersburg was stricken by multiple revolutions and in 1941, it was seized by the Germans during World War II. It took several decades after the war for the city to rebuild into what you see today.

From the Winter Palace to the Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Petersburg has so many beautiful spots to see and explore. So if you plan to take a train or flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, here are some places to add to your list on your trip there.

Award-winning business class suite design by Safran Seats

business class suite design by Safran Seats

This year has been a whirlwind of a year for airlines with the world’s best business class seats. But before these seats ever make it on to an airline or even into production, design teams come together to develop a new concept that then takes and creates it into something magnificent.

This brings us to the Versa Suite, the 2019 Yacht & Aviation winner for best business class seat cabin design by Safran Seats, a global leader in aircraft passenger and crew seats. Unlike some other concepts, the Versa Suites will take the place of the Cirrus business class seat that is found on American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Finnair and others.


A new approach to first class by factorydesign

Factorydesign En Suite first class concept

Every year we are wowed with outstanding first class concepts that are so luxurious they don’t seem real. From the Peacock First Class Concept to the Domus apartment, designers are conceptualizing ways to offer ultimate luxury to airlines who seek to be on top for their highest-paying passengers.

Although most of the luxury suites like Singapore Airline’s newest apartment in the sky requires a large jet like the A380, factorydesign, a “multi-award winning, creative design agency” from London has come up with a brand new approach to first class that can be installed on a smaller airplanes such as the A350 or the Boeing 777X. Dubbed “En Suite”, this first class apartment is unlike any other we’ve seen. Moreover, the design won the 2019 Yacht & Aviation award for the Best Cabin Design.


Star Alliance introduces a biometric solution to start in 2020

Star Alliance biometrics

Some of you may already have heard or even experienced some biometric technologies in US airports, which have been in effect for a year or so. More recently, Star Alliance has agreed to a collaboration with NEC Corp, a global provider of information technology services and products, to create a biometric program designed for travelers who are alliance members. It’s completely optional and frequent fliers will have to opt-in in order to utilize the service.

Regardless of your membership status, the program is supposed to work across all airlines that are part of Star Alliance and is designed to be stress-free, smooth and efficient while passing through different points in the airport. Travelers will just need their smartphone to register and use the biometric program to check-in, drop off their luggage, access lounges, and board by simply using their face (as one currently does with the iPhone X). The hope is travelers can save a lot more time and enjoy it in places such as lounges or restaurants at the airport.


City guide: venturing around Cape Town and beyond

Cape Town city guide

Johannesburg is a popular city for those heading to South Africa, but Cape Town is also a destination we love to visit.

The first time Cape Town was ever mentioned was in the late 15th century by the Portuguese. However, it took almost 150 years before anyone else, in this case, the Dutch, came to the area to develop a place where travelers can stop for supplies such as food and water while going to and from Asia. For a while, there was a lot of slave trade in the area until they were emancipated in the early 1800s. Then came the apartheid in the 20th century, and Cape Town once again became divided for decades until 1994. Even during the years of tragedy and war, Cape Town is still an interesting place to visit and safe for even solo travelers as long as you stay in the tourist areas and are cautious about your surroundings (which you should always be no matter where you go in the world).

If Cape Town is on your upcoming itinerary, here are a few things we recommend checking out while you’re there.


Don’t leave your house without them! Necessities many fail to pack when traveling

Items we forget to pack

Let’s face it, we all forget to pack at least something we end up needing, just like we (at least once in our life) probably were late to a flight and missed it. It’s either we get to the airport and realize it then and there that we’ve forgotten something, or we realize it when we already arrive at our destination. And although we can purchase whatever we need later on when we get to our final location, making a list can be beneficial to not only save you time but money as well. Moreover, if you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t have all the necessities you can find back home, checking to see if you have everything beforehand is important.

From toothpaste and bandaids to swimsuits and trousers, here’s a list of the most common things we subconsciously fail to pack before taking off to a foreign place. Don’t leave home without them!


Quick tips for those who miss their flight (regardless of why)

Tips for missing a flight

We, at some point in our life of traveling, may end up missing a flight thanks to traffic, a delayed departure with minimal time for a connection, or we just lost track of time at home or hotel. But before we start to panic, there are a few quick tips to consider for those who miss their flight (regardless of why).

From what you should do to what you can’t do, let’s take a look at these top five go-to’s.