First look: China Eastern’s revamped business and first class seats

China Eastern Business Class 777

Luxury airlines such as Singapore, Qatar and Emirates are releasing newly redesigned business and first class seats that are unbeatable in comport and style. Nonetheless, other carriers such as Malaysia Airlines, EL AL and now China Eastern are making a breakthrough in their premier cabins to keep up with trends, growing customer demands and their expectations. 

The airline has completely revamped both their business and first class on their Boeing 777-300ERs, which will be flying Shanghai, China to other cities throughout China, Asia, Europe and North America. Let’s take a look at what these new seats have to offer:


Three travel apps you must try this year

Best travel apps for 2018

Each year, we list several must-have travel apps every traveler needs (check out our lists for 2016 and 2017). And with new ones coming out almost daily, it can be tough to browse through the best ones. So to make all your lives just a little less complicated, we’ve listed three trending apps we’ve seen that are only making their way into the app world, but are also better than some of the more well-known ones.


Get cozy in Virgin Atlantic’s new “Love Suites”

Virgin Atlantic Business Class Love Suites

Virgin Atlantic released a new business class seat for their A330 dubbed the “Love Suite”, perfect for partners traveling together—a similar approach for couples that Singapore Airlines and Qatar has also taken when designing their new business class.

Aside from the Love Suites, the airline named its other upper class seats “Solo Freedom Suites” and “Solo Corner Suites” for those traveling as an individual.

Beginning this month, passengers can experience these new seats, which some of you may recognise as AirBerlin’s old seats many called the “honeymoon”.

Inside scoop: the upcoming, redesigned Q-Suite for Qatar Airways

Qatar q-suite business class a380

Just last year, Qatar released a new business class seats, Qsuites, with a middle section that can be transformed into a double bed, or even a dining area for a family of four.

That business class cabin is designed for their Boeing 777s and Airbus A350s, but for the A380s and Dreamliner, as well as the Boeing 777X, Qatar is making changes to the Qsuite to fit these larger aircrafts.


The logic behind the color of airplanes and why they’re always white

airplanes painted white

Have you ever noticed that airplanes are always painted white with the exception of a logo or some livery? 

There’s actually a reason behind this very specific color that makes a huge difference for the plane, helping with temperature control, cost efficiency, visibility and preventing corrosion. Let’s take a look at each one more closely to get a good sense of how a color impacts an aircraft. 


Three business class seats set to debut this year

Business Class Seats for 2018

Airlines are continuously changing their premier cabin—from lay-flat seats to double beds, direct-aisle access to semi-private pods, business class has become more competitive than ever before. More and more airlines are updating and remodeling in order to keep up with the demand as well as outperform the rivalry. But even if a carrier releases a concept design, it can take years for it to debut, causing some of us to forget when the new one will be available. 

So for those of us who have been waiting for certain business class seats to emerge, there are three that will launch this year.


The history and evolution of the passport

passport history

A passport is a travelers single, most important piece he or she can own today—it’s a “ticket” to exiting and entering any country in the world. But did you know that the passport as we know it today (with our photo, date of birth, country of birth, etc.) only came into existence during the 20th century around the time of World War II? Yet, the first references of a passport-type document can be found in the Hebrew Bible.

Beginning in 450 B.C., moving to Medieval Europe, and then into the 21st century, the passport has transformed from a piece of paper with writing into a biometric form of identity for citizens of different nations. Let’s take a look at the eras that transformed this travel document into what it is today. 


Inside Air France’s new business class lounge in Charles de Gaulle

Air France business class lounge

Air France has been working on some recent updates, including their new business class seat available on their Dreamliner, and more recently the business class lounge in Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

The airline hired Brandimage to help take the brand on a whole new level, which is strongly present in this upgraded lounge. From online to airport, the carrier will continue to transform their older look into one that’s more fresh, current and inviting. 


Experience the clean and minimalist business class on Finnair

Finnair business class seat

Finnair has recently upgraded their business class cabin to one that’s more clean and minimalist by changing out the interior colors, pillows, blankets, plates and glasses, and amenity kits.

Similar to that of Lufthansa’s Business Class, Finnair’s new cabin interior portrays Northern European nature. According to the Head of Cabin Interior Development at Finnair, David Kondo, their “new seat textiles and comfort amenities have a fresh and modern aesthetic that is inspired by Nordic homes and landscapes”. From the soft white that represents snow, to the mix of grey and off white that depict birch trees, the new cabin is as refreshing as a morning hike in the mountains. 


Step inside Korean Air’s sleek lounges in Incheon International Airport

Korean Air Business Class Lounge Icheon Airport

It seems that more and more airlines are upgrading and opening new lounges around the world quicker than ever before—from Qantas’ new Heathrow and Melbourne lounges, Virgin Australia’s lounge in Hong Kong, to Air New Zealand’s lounge in Melbourne Airport, and United Polaris Lounge in Chicago.

The more recent ones are Korean Air’s first class, business class, and frequent flyer lounges located in Incheon International Airport, Terminal 2. They have been strategically built and positioned inside the terminal to allow travelers to check in, pass through security, and board seamlessly and efficiently. 

And the best part? Each upper class gets its own special area for the best traveler experience. Let’s take a look at each one a little more closely.