Best travel apps for every type of traveler

best travel apps

I bet everyone reading this owns a smartphone, whether it’s an Android, Apple or Window device, there are apps on there that you rely heavily on for your day-to-day activities.

But there are probably a few apps out there that you may not have come across, but really should. They can be life-changing for those who love (or have to) travel.

Here’s a list of the best travel apps to help you get around, surf safely, chat freely, and so much more.


Flying? Here are foods you should avoid eating on the plane

foods to avoid while flying

Are you one of those people that like to grab a meal in the airport terminal right before your flight? From burgers, chicken wings, and smoothies to a good ole’ cup of joe to keep you awake for the next few hours—the choices are endless. But a lot of these edible options are not your stomachs best friend, especially when you’re about to fly.

Many foods, in fact, will cause your tummy to feel bloated and gassy, making your whole trip very uncomfortable (and even harder for you to fall asleep). So to make your long flight a bit more enjoyable, here are a few foods and drinks to avoid. Your digestive system will thank you ;).


The truth about 0% commission on currency exchange: buyers beware!

currency exchange

Vacations are not cheap, and some of you save for months so that your time can be spent relaxing (not worrying about spending those extra dollars). But dealing with foreign currency exchange can hit you a bit hard when you get off that plane, especially if you’ve already budgeted out your vacation.

With ATMs and currency converters charging you crazy fees that sometimes can confuse you, no wonder some of us get ripped off when we hand over our dollar bills. However, there are a few tricks that will help you avoid being duped, allowing you to keep your vacation budget (and head) intact. 😉


How to beat jet lag when traveling domestically or internationally

jet lag

Being hit with jet lag is not rare—it happens to most of us who travel, whether we’re flying long distances or short. And no matter how hard we try, some of us end up suffering more than others as we try to adapt to the time change.

However, regardless of how many time zones you’ve crossed, or how many times you’ve flown, there are easy ways to help you cure jet lag and even beat it.

Here are some recommendations we think will help you every time:


The best times to book your ticket and accommodations for the holidays

holiday travel

It’s barely September, and we’re talking about holiday travel already? Well, yes. And here’s why: many people believe that the sooner you book your hotel rooms and airline seats, the better the deal, but that’s not entirely true.

Skyscanner, a travel search engine, recently performed a study that showed how the best times to book your accommodation and tickets for holiday travel is four weeks before each holiday, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. There can even be deeper discounts if you book a week prior, but that type of risk is left to those who are willing to take one.


Solar Express: your next air travel to Mars

solar express

Air travel to Mars may no longer be just a dream. Imaginative, a nonprofit organization, has created a conceptual design of Solar Express, an “express space train” that can take us from Earth to Mars in only a few hours.

The creators of Solar Express say that the train would travel at high speeds that do not slow down and that it would “run non-stop, so smaller vessels would need to catch the train when it passed by,” according to its creators.


Delta One: the world’s first all-suite business class

all-suite business class delta one

With so many airlines upgrading their business class seats, it’s no surprise that Delta Air Lines has jumped on the bandwagon as well. In 2017, passengers will be able to experience the world’s first all-suite business class seat, “Delta One”, aboard Delta’s Airbus A350s.

Delta One will feature a sliding door, giving you the utmost privacy that you can experience in business class—a fully-enclosed suite that’s usually only seen in first class cabins.


Hacks: ways to keep your body and mind balanced as a smart traveler

business traveler hacks

Let’s be real. Most of us business travelers are not celebrities. We don’t have an entourage of stylists and assistants flying with us as we head over from one destination to another, prepping us for the next meeting. In fact, many of us are faced with challenges like working on a project where the local time is twelve hours ahead of what our body is telling us, or being away from family for long periods of time. Or, having to look like we slept eight hours, showered and had a massage when in reality we slept zero and the last time we brushed our hair was when we left the house to go to the airport. And because of this, we end up in a cycle where we have to deal with constant tiredness, irritability, and protocols while trying to stay healthy.

But here are some hacks for you, smart traveler, to stay sane and look your best as you embark on your next business trip.