Experience Venice like a local

Venice city guide Italy

Built on more than one hundred small islands, Venice is a spectacular city with a deep history and a rich culture that dates back to 422 AD, when the Romans first settled here (or so they say). It wasn’t until the 9th and the 12th centuries that the city began to develop, becoming an important naval power.

It took several centuries later for Venice to become the city you see today. From cafes and churches to shops and VIP tours, Venice is a magical place everyone must visit at least once in their life.

For those who plan to take a trip to Venice (or even make a stopover there), we recommend you put these top hidden gems on your list.


Winter getaways to add to this year’s bucket list

Winter getaways

For some of us, winter is a time to stay home with family and friends, whereas for others, it’s the time to pack a bag and embark on a new journey, be it for a few days or even a week. Whether it’s to Asia or South America for the warmth, or Europe for the breathtaking snow and holiday spirit, the cold season can be the perfect time to take off into a faraway land away from home.

So to help you plan your trip, we recommend the following destinations for this year’s winter getaway.


A step through Nairobi’s secret spots

What to do in Nairobi

The young yet vibrant capital of Kenya has grown rapidly since its founding in 1899, transforming into one of the largest cities on the continent from a swampy terrain with wild animals. It is a city with a large economic impact in Africa and is a place where you can find an abundance of cafes, bars, restaurants, safari adventures and museums.

The best way to experience any city is with a local, but for those of you who are venturing out here on your own, with a partner or your entire family, we recommend you check out these hidden gems recommended by the ones who know best.


Top 5 trending travel gadgets you must get your hands on

the top trending travel gadgets

Traveling to a destination is an exciting experience, regardless if it’s for business or pleasure. Of course, preparing for your trip, traveling to your destination, and even while you’re in another city or country, can (at times) become stressful. But it doesn’t always have to be so because there are travel apps and gadgets to help make all of our lives easier.

From organizational packs, comfortable clothing, and gear for your electronic devices—we’ve got the list of the top five trending travel gadgets you must get your hands on before you embark on your next journey.


Boeing 747: the end of an era for this large jet

Boeing 747 retired

After almost 50 years, this jumbo jet will soon be a part of aviation history.

When it first took flight in 1970, the Boeing 747 was the number one aircraft that airlines couldn’t wait to get their hands on, thanks to its comfort and large space. However, as we head further and further into the 21st Century, carriers are weeding out these large jets from their fleet due to the cost of fuel and efficiency that the Boeing 747’s can no longer compete with. And because of this, we are seeing the end of an era for this massive airplane many of us have flown on for several decades.


All aboard Thai Airways NEW 787 business class cabin

Thai Airways business class seat Boeing 787

Thai Airways has just released a brand new, and very first Dreamliner, allowing the airline to fly longer distances and to new destinations directly from Thailand.

But this aircraft, nicknamed “Phatthana Nikhom” (which is the name of the district of Lopburi Province in central Thailand), has much more to offer, including the new Zodiac Cirrus seat. If you have flown in business class on Qatar Airways, then you are probably familiar with this reverse herringbone design, providing more space and direct aisle access thanks to the favorable 1-2-1 configuration.


This futuristic concept air cabin may soon become a reality

Futuristic air cabin concept transpose

There are many futuristic-looking airline cabin concepts that are very different from what we see today, many of which have not yet become a reality until now.

A³ by Airbus Group is an innovative company whose mission is to build the future of flight, now. Recently, A³ has revealed their latest project called “Transpose”, focusing on the development of a new interior arrangement of an airplane, and we’re pretty excited about it—here’s why.


Step inside Hong Kong Airlines business class lounge

Hong Kong Airlines Autus business class lounge club

Hong Kong Airlines business class lounge—Club Autus—just got a complete makeover, and we’re loving it.

Located in the Midfield Concourse on the seventh floor, this stunning new lounge has been separated into various zones for you to relax, eat and catch up with work. It has been expanded to comfortably accommodate up to 225 passengers, from the business folks all the way to those of you who like to unwind before the flight. But that’s just the brink of it—here’s what you can expect when you step inside:


How will the new iPhone X impact travel?

travel and iPhone X

The new iPhone X is all the rage these days, and it hasn’t even made its way into stores. With so many new and interesting features—one of the most advanced being facial recognition—it will be interesting to see how apps will evolve and integrate certain ones into their own systems.

But the part we’re most excited about is how the new iPhone X will impact travel. According to Jim Peters, the CTO of SITA (a multinational information technology company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry), Apple’s new 3D technology is about to take travel to the next level.


A step inside Air Canada’s Dreamliner business class cabin

Air Canada Dreamliner business class cabin

Welcome aboard Air Canada’s newest business class cabin available on their Dreamliners. These seats are comfortable yet modern, offering you luxury at every level.

With entertainment screens that are easily accessible, seats that lie completely flat, electrical outlets for all your devices, and dishes to keep you full and satisfied, Business Class on Air Canada’s brand new 787 Dreamliner is a complete game-changer.

Here’s what you can expect the next time you book a seat on this splendid carrier.