The largest airport in the world will soon make its debut

Beijing new Daxing Airport

The largest airport in the world—the Beijing Daxing International Airport (unofficial name)—will open next year. Located in Beijing’s southern district, the new airport is a way for the country to open up its doors even wider to the growing world of travelers from the East to the West.

For airlines like China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, this New Airport will become their new home base. It also will allow travelers to make easy connections for those who will be flying aboard the airlines part of the SkyTeam Alliance.


Break the sound barrier and fly business class on the Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic jet

Ever wished you flew aboard the Concorde, the airplane that flew faster than the speed of sound? Well, you don’t have to dream any longer.

A company based in Denver is working to build a much more advanced plane than its predecessor, called the Boom Supersonic. And, it will offer seats that were cheaper and more comfortable than the Concorde.

According to Boom Technology, the airplane will be able to hold 45 to 55 passengers, and travel at 1,451 miles per hour—2.6 times faster than other commercial airplanes. That means you can fly from New York to London in just 3 hours and 15 minutes (the Concord took 15 minutes longer), or from Los Angeles to Sydney in 6 hours and 45 minutes.


The Sky Suite III business class seat on Japan Airlines 787

JAL Sky Suite III business class seat

Starting this July, Japan Airlines will install their newest business class seat—the Sky Suite III—across their Boeing 787’s (a.k.a. Dreamliners). These seats will be available on the 787’s that will start flying from Tokyo Narita to Kuala Lumpur. Later in the year, these retrofitted business class seats will be available on the Sydney to Tokyo route, and then on the route from Melbourne to Tokyo.

With this upgrade, the entire business class cabin will increase from 44 to 52 seats without reducing the number of seats in either premium economy or economy. If you purchase tickets early enough, you may be able to snag the five business seats in the “mini-cabin”, located right behind first class. This is the most private area on the plane, and of course, the most popular one of choice.

Luckily, these seats are designed in the most favorable layout, a 1-2-1, giving every passenger access to the aisle. (Say goodbye to stepping over the person beside you.)

So for those of you who will fly (or are looking to fly) aboard the JAL Dreamliner in the near future, here’s what you can expect from the Sky Suite III business class.


These airlines have the world’s best first class for 2017

Best airlines in the world 2017

The Best First Class Airline Award is given to the airline that offers passengers ultimate satisfaction in First Class product, the service provided by the airline staff in the cabin, as well as airport environments. Moreover, the airline that receives this award has to provide passengers with classic First Class Quality levels. The award has nothing to do with a specific aircraft (i.e. A380, A350, etc.) or goods that are not usually offered across an airline’s fleet.

This year’s winner for the World’s Best First Class Airline is Etihad Airways. And it should be no surprise, given that their First Class seat is not really a “seat” but a mini apartment in the sky, which includes a large leather armchair and separate bed measuring 6 feet and 10 inches. Plus, there’s even enough space to walk around once the privacy doors are closed.

Besides taking home the World’s Best First Class Airline Award, Etihad also took home the award for Best First Class Airline Seat and Best First Class Airline Catering.

And for all other airlines with luxurious First Class amenities, here’s who placed in the top ten in each First Class category.


World’s best airlines in business class for 2017

worlds best business class 2017

The World’s Best Business Class Airline Award is given to the airline that offers passengers high-quality service, amenities, seats and service. This year’s winner is Qatar Airways, which also took home the World’s Best Airline Award for 2017—a double win for this young yet luxurious airline.

Nonetheless, other airlines also had their turn in the spotlight. Singapore Airlines received the award for having the Best Business Class Airline seat, while Turkish Airlines was voted as the world’s best onboard catering for Business Class, Best Business Class Lounge Catering and the Best Business Class Airport Lounge.

So for all of you who love to travel in business class, here’s where some of your favorite airlines placed in the top ten across all the World’s Best Business Class categories.


A first look at the award-winning airlines for 2017

award-winning airlines 2017

Skytrax conducts a survey every year, collecting over 13 million questionnaires that cover different airlines from all over the world. The Q&A rates each airline based on the customer experience, service, quality and safety.

This year, the Skytrax awards were held in Paris, where the world’s best airlines were named. Many refer to this award as the “Oscars of the airline industry”, and is sought after almost every airline. And although Skytrax names the top 100, those that make it to the top 10 are the biggest winners.

So which ones out of hundreds made it to the top? Let’s take a look…


Uncovering Abu Dhabi’s secret gems

Abu Dhabi city guide UAE

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a peaceful yet extraordinary city to visit. Yes, I’m talking about Abu Dhabi.

Located off the mainland, this city is full of skyscrapers, large shopping centers and beautiful mosques that are visited by thousands throughout the year. And although its counterpart city, Dubai, is often overshadowed by those who visit UAE, Abu Dhabi has just as much to offer for those who like to step off the beaten track.

From large gardens and parks, museums, exhibitions, harbor, cafe’s and markets, you can find just about anything in this young and vibrant city. So in order to get a taste of the real Abu Dhabi, we’ve pulled together this guide that uncovers the city’s most beloved places.


It’s a proven fact that traveling makes you healthier

how traveling makes you healthier

Do you travel often? How do you feel when you’re out exploring and conquering the world? Amazing is our guess!

Non-business related travel to other destinations outside of our home country is probably one of the best sensations. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, especially since it’s probably one of the only times we really get to relax, unwind and not think about anything except enjoying our time away from home.

But did you know that international travel for leisurely purposes is actually beneficial to our health? Let’s take a look at the benefits that have been proven by scientific research.


You can now travel back in time with the Pan Am Experience

PAN AM experience 1970s

Do you remember the golden age of travel? Well, those glorious days can now be re-lived with the Pan Am Experience—a dinner aboard the well-known Boeing 747 blue-and-white branded airplane.

The plane is a replica of a motion picture studio, but the way the interior was designed, it’s hard to imagine that it’s just a setting. The attention to detail is extraordinary! The dining portion of it is not all that this experience has to offer—it starts from the moment you check-in all the way to an optional tour. Let’s see how this will all play out if you do decide to take a trip back in time.


The world’s largest plane has just made its debut

worlds largest airplane

If you think you’ve seen the largest airplane, then you’re about to see one that’s even bigger.

This massive beauty has been named the Stratolaunch and is now the biggest plane in the world (it triumphs over the Spruce Goose).

Designed by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, this airplane has a wingspan of 385 feet (more than a football field), is 50 feet tall, and weighs 500,000 pounds without fuel and up to 1.3 million pounds with fuel. Not that’s what you call the world’s largest airplane.