Best first class versus best business class: who takes the top?

Best first class seat vs best business class seat

Flying in Business and First Class is a luxurious experience, some even more so than others depending on the airline you’re on. From The Residence apartment-like suites on Etihad, showers aboard Emirates, to the onboard bar on Virgin Atlantic—upper class cabins almost never disappoint. Nonetheless, there are always a few carriers that take the top when it comes to business and first class seats. Here are the best ones in both categories based on the Business Traveller Awards. How surprised are you?


These airlines are rated the safest in the world

worlds safest airlines 2017

Flying is not loved by all, in fact, one out of every three people have a fear of flying. Nonetheless, regardless of our anxieties, air travel can be unavoidable, especially if we have to travel for work or vacation. While there are various ways to ease our worries, opting for an airline known for its safety can make all the difference.

Every year, Airline Ratings publicize a list of the top 20 safest airlines in the world, analyzing 425 carriers based on several factors. These include incident records, audits, operational excellence, government associations, and FAA endorsements. Airlines are given a maximum of seven stars for all of these categories combined. If the carrier does not meet the criteria, no stars will be awarded. So, who took the prize for being the safest?


Discovering Melbourne: a city full of surprises on every street corner

Melbourne city guide

Melbourne has become a hub of sport, style, and culture. It has the coziness of a small town set in a modern metropolis. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Ranking, Melbourne was ranked number one most livable city in the world—the sixth year in a row. It’s no wonder so many travel to Melbourne to not only see its wonders but to also live among them. From scenic drives, thriving art scene, hipster bars and cafes, unique shops and award-winning restaurants, the city is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So for those of you who are ready to take on this magnificent city, here are our favorite hot spots you cannot miss the next time you’re in town.


Ask a local: Dubai’s hidden delights away from the tourists

Dubai city guide UAE

What once was a small fishing village, has now grown to be one of the wealthiest, multi-cultural and metropolitan cities in the world. Known for its jaw-dropping and futuristic skyscrapers, world-class shopping, and alluring beaches, Dubai continues to draw over 14 million tourists from all over the world to experience its magnificence.

Rather than standing in long lines to get to the top of Burj Khalifa, shopping through the Mall of Emirates, or tanning on the overcrowded beaches at the Palm Islands, why not take on the city and all that it has to offer outside of the norm? If you are the non-traditionalist when it comes to sightseeing, then we have just what you need. Here are Dubai’s top five hidden delights guaranteed to provide you with a true Arabian adventure.


How to look great even after a long flight

long flight beauty tips

Regardless if you travel often or not, internationally or domestically, being on an airplane can be damaging to not only our skin but also to our bodies. From high cabin pressure to salty foods and alcohol, airplanes can make us look and feel like a mess. Nonetheless, there are ways to look just as good (maybe even better) when you get off the plane with these few tips.


Introducing “Melody”, a luxurious private jet from Airbus

Airbus Melody private jet

If you were already blown away by Lufthansa’s private jet, then you’ll love Airbus’ A320neo “Melody” edition, also known as the ACJ320neo. The designers were “inspired by hilly horizons, rolling rivers and other curves of nature”, which you can really see with the different tones of green and white colors used throughout the single-aisle jet. If you look carefully, there are no hard corners, simply fluid ends and beginnings to give it a softer, more luxurious yet cozy feel.


An insider’s guide to the cosmopolitan city of Doha

Doha city guide Qatar

Old world hospitality mixed with cosmopolitan sophistication is brought together in the glorious city of Doha. What used to be a small fishing and pearl-diving village, has now quickly modernized and developed into Qatar’s economic center.

Although Doha is a fairly new city, founded in the 1820s, it continues to attract almost 3 million tourists a year from all over the world. And with the FIFA World Cup to be staged in 2022, it should not be a surprise that more and more visitors will flood the city’s streets.

So for those of you who are art lovers, historians, holidaymakers, and culture vultures, we’ve put together this insider’s guide to help make the most out of your vacation.


Explore the best hidden gems in Brisbane

Brisbane city guide Australia

For those of you who journey to Australia for the ultimate adventure, usually opt for Sydney or Melbourne, but the city of Brisbane has just as much to offer. It’s become an urban renaissance with new places opening up left and right—from modern hotels, music spaces, hip bars, and innovative art venues—Brisbane is the coolest city in Australia for backpackers and expats alike.

So what can you do in this sophisticated, dynamic and vibrant city outside of the norm? Here’s a list of our favorites that have yet to be discovered by outsiders, yet are the places to be for Brisbanites.


International cuisines above the clouds: who has the best?

best airline meals

Did you know that a third of your taste buds become numb while flying, affecting the way you taste certain foods and spices? But that doesn’t mean that you still cannot enjoy a five-star meal above the clouds. In fact, many world-class airlines dedicate themselves to make sure passengers in first and business class dine on only the best while creating unique cuisines that will take their taste buds on a journey. But who has the best? After searching high and low, we gathered our sources to bring to you the top ten airlines that have won us over for having the best international cuisines served above 30,000 feet.


These aviation facts may surprise you

aviation facts

To this day, airplanes continue to amaze us. Every year, new aerospace technology emerges, allowing designers and engineers to create faster and sleeker airlines than ever before.

But with the continual improvements, it’s hard to keep track with all the brilliant things planes are able to do today. We’ve gathered a list of the top aviation facts that even surprise us.e