When we think of Turkish Airlines, we might not always associate the airline as being one of the best, but little do you know, the company has come a long way.

15 years ago it the airline had poor customer service, old planes and a safety record that was not on par. Basically, it’s what you flew if you had no other option. However, much has changed. The airline now has a brand new fleet of planes, flies to over 284 destinations, has a net profit of over $1.69 billion (highest recorded as of March 2016), and flies 48 million people.

That’s not all! Skytrax World Airline Awards named it “Best Airline in Europe” for five years. It has also been awarded the following:

• “Best Business Class Lounge Dining” (in 2014, and 2015)

• “Best Business Class Airline Catering” (in 2013, 2014, and 2015)

• “Best Airline in Southern Europe” (in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015)

Besides being an award-winning airline, the airline’s growth has opened up doors for the country’s other carriers, airports and airline manufactures. Passengers can expect a brand new airport in 2018 in Istanbul, which will be able to accommodate a capacity of 85-90 million people. Turkish Airlines also continues to expand beyond its borders and into African countries. By October 2015, the airline was flying into 45 different African destinations.

Year after year, the carrier continues to impress us. If we look back in 2004, the World Aviation Authority JAA MAST established that Turkish Airlines “operates under the highest performance with regards to technical maintenance and repair”. Fast forward to 2013, and we see that the airline flew 48 million people in their airplanes, which made them “the airline with the 2nd highest number of passengers in Europe.” In the same year, they built the “Arrival Lounge,” in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, which allows passengers coming in from a flight to use a business class lounge. A great benefit to those who need to freshen up from a flight and head on to their meeting. (Usually, passengers arriving are not able to use lounge facilities, only ones that are departing.)

Speaking of business class, take a look at this video brought to you by Turkish Airlines. See what it’s like to experience business class with this great airline.

We’re so impressed with the carrier and all that it’s doing, we thought it would be fun to share another one of their videos. Here’s one that takes us on a magical story through Istanbul.

Convinced? We definitely are. Turkish Airlines has proved to the world it has risen high above, with standards that have surpassed many other carriers’. It has won and continues to win, multiple awards. The company has been a catalyst for the economic boom in Turkey and continues to expand its reach throughout the world. It’s already a top 10 airline in the world, and is becoming better every day!

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