There’s so much to look forward to this century, especially in the airline industry. With new technology being invented every day, we find ourselves surrounded by eye-catching and jaw-dropping airline concepts that come to life. The years ahead look quite exciting with the possibilities of interactive screens, windowless planes and even sleeping pods!

We’ve searched high and low for those kinds of features, and discovered the best interior airline conceptual designs that will blow you away. They will leave you wondering, “how fast and when”?

Interactive Screens

One of the best interior airline conceptual designs we’ve seen is interactive screens. The white plastic cabin walls may be replaced by interactive screens throughout the plane. “There are various surfaces in the aircraft from the seat tray table to the overhead panels which could be used as smart surfaces to provide interaction and entertainment—or could even be used to charge your phone. Other surfaces could provide essential passenger information such as safety information and the nearest emergency exit,” says Dimitri Mavris, director of the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory at Georgia Tech.

Although this is only just a concept, the Centre for Process Innovation mentions it can probably have a prototype ready within 10 years. Interested to see what this concept could look like? Check out the video from Technicon Design below:

Windowless Planes

Just like interactive screens might replace windows and white walls, these windowless planes designed by Airbus are looking to do the same thing. By 2050, you might be sitting aboard Airbus’ Concept Cabin, featuring panoramic views and business/ first class cabins that are replaced with spaces to relax, play games, interact with other passengers or have business meetings. Additionally, seats and other furniture will be self-cleaning and self-repairable. Here’s a video that shows you the ins and outs of this design. Get ready for a flight experience like never before.

Sleeping Pods

factorydesign, a London-based firm, created a new ‘Air Lair’ model (a double-decker sleeping pod) that gives passengers 30 percent more room than traditional seats. You can either sit upright or lay fully flat with this design, have your own personal tv and an atmosphere around you that will keep you calm and relaxed throughout the flight.

Some of the best interior airline conceptual designs are still conceptual, while others have begun their construction. From the hopes of many, such designs will soon come to be in a few decades from now. Whatever the timeline is, we continue to see brilliant innovations come to life year after year. So who’s to say you won’t be seeing these interior designs on your flight in 2050?

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