(Disclaimer: please do not take this too seriously, we’re just having fun! 😉 Happy reading!)

Have you ever flown business class and find yourself watching others and their behavior? We’ve definitely seen the occasional person who looks like they just got out of bed. There are also the rookies who find themselves a bit lost with what to do or how to act in this luxurious setting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be one of them! If you’re ever in doubt with what to do, here are some pointers we think may help. Some are a bit obvious, but you would be surprised!

Act nonchalantly

Keep calm and act as though it’s not your first time. Make sure you just play it down as if you’ve flown business class a million times!

Don’t take photos

Guests who are flying business class on a regular basis will notice if you start photographing your champagne glass and posting it on Instagram. It’s a bit cliche nowadays and can disturb the privacy of others. All eyes on you? Not this time around.

Dress well

Don’t be that person who looks like they just got out of bed. If you’re a male, wear a jacket. Don’t put on any tracksuits, you’re not heading to the gym, right? Make sure to check your shoes—avoid sandals and slippers. You’ll get slippers to change into when you receive your amenity bag, but going on a plane in flip-flops is not proper business class etiquette. Oh, and don’t forget to leave your shorts and shirts that some people may find offensive, in your bag or at home.

Be courteous to the crew

Sure, you’ve paid a substantial amount to be in business class, but that doesn’t give you a right to be bossy. Treat the crew as you would like to be treated. You paid for exceptional service, and you’ll receive exceptional service if you’re exceptional yourself.

Keep it classy

One benefit of flying business class is the unlimited amount of free drinks and cocktails. But don’t go overboard! You want to keep it classy and under control. Limit your intake of alcohol as if you were at a dinner party with a president. You want to be presentable.