We’re suckers for good food. Who isn’t? The moment a meal comes out from the kitchen, you can almost taste it on your tongue. At that moment you realize you don’t regret ordering the Boston Lobster Thermidor that has just been paired with a glass of Dom Pérignon. What restaurant did you just step in to? It’s not a restaurant, it’s an airline.

It should be no surprise that the best airlines in the world also have one of the best airline cuisines. Among our favorites are Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.

Are we making you hungry yet? Just wait until you hear what each of these airlines offer for their first and business class passengers—your stomach will definitely start grumbling.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines (SQ), as you’re probably aware, is an award-winning airline. It was number two on the Best Airlines of the World list and received the Best Business Class award from Skytrax for 2015, which includes their in-flight meal.

For anyone flying on SQ (Business or First), then you have the opportunity to use the “Book the Cook” service. This allows you to order your main course twenty-four hours before your flight, making you feel even more special than you already are.

So what can you expect aboard SQ? How about the Boston Lobster Thermidor? A juice lobster tail sautéed in butter, flambéed in brandy, topped with some cheese, and served with creamy mushroom sauce, garlic and spicy mustard, and buttered asparagus. Now that’s a meal!

Or, maybe you might opt for the Prawn and Chicken Laksa: rice noodles in a rich, coconut cream seafood gravy with prawns, chicken, fish cake, deep-fried beancurd and bean sprouts. Ok, we’re sold.

The menu choice is so vast, and each destination on the airline features a unique list of cuisines you can select from. And if you like to have a drink or two, you can have your meal paired with the best wines from around the world. Experts at SQ taste more than 1,000 wines every year, so you can always savor the best.

Turkish Airlines

We love Turkish Airlines (if you were not aware of how amazing this airline is, check out our post on Turkish Airlines here). The airline has come a long way from fifteen years ago until now, winning multiple awards including Best Airline in Europe (five times), Best Business Class Lounge Dining (2014, 2015), Best Business Class Airline Catering (2013, 2014, 2015), and many more. TK offers you one of the best airline cuisines above the clouds.

The airline boasts to have an in-flight cuisine that “is always renewed considering the trends and least common tastes. [Their] aim is to offer a restaurant experience and taste to [their] passengers above the clouds within aircraft possibilities.” The restaurant experience goes beyond their meals, as you’ll see with how the courses and drinks are presented to you.

If you love meat, you can devour in the Grilled Beef Tournedos in mustard curry sauce with sautéed mixed vegetable and potato gratin (image below). Very French, wouldn’t you say? Or, maybe you’re feeling more traditional? Make sure to try the Eggplant Moussaka.

As we mentioned earlier, meals are not the only highlight of the dining experience—the presentation is too. “All meals are served on custom-designed porcelain dishes, while drinks are offered in glassware appropriate to the beverage.”

For dessert, you must have Turkish Coffee (the ultimate best coffee in the world, at least we think so), along with a Turkish Delight. How delightful ;). TK takes it to the next level in not only their cuisines but also in the way the meals and drinks are served. Just make sure you don’t take it home with you!

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific (CX) is third on our list of best airline cuisines, although their meals are no less delicious than SQ and TK. It’s been awarded World’s Best Airline four times, Best First Class Wine List (four times), Best Airline Business Class (2013), among others.

CX prides itself in offering cuisines that are “locally-sourced and sustainable produce whenever possible“. For instance, you can devour yourself in the Sesame Smoked Salmon with Marinated Prawn, a mixed salad and artichokes. Yum!

Looking for something more traditional? CX serves regional noodle soups such as the Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup (below) that are the perfect taste of Asia, available on flights to and from Hong Kong.

The best airline cuisines are not easy to come by, but Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Cathay Pacific have gone above and beyond. Of course, there are other airlines that also serve top-of-the-line meals in business and first class, though these three are our favorite. Do you have a favorite airline that served you the best cuisine you absolutely loved? Share your experience in the comments below!