As we’re slowly approaching fall, some of you may be planning out your next destination for this year’s vacation. Since an average of 19 percent of Americans will be traveling abroad this summer, and only about 10.9 percent will travel abroad during the fall, you won’t have to worry too much about tourists overcrowding cities if you travel in the fall.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of top fall destinations for this year that we hope will inspire your vacation planning in 2016.

Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is Nepal’s top destination for tourists looking for adventure and those looking to discover natural beauty. The city is divided into two sectors: the tourist-friendly Lakeside district, surrounding the lake Phewa Tal, and the old city, which is more commercial, spanning out pass the dam. Pokhara is located 124 miles (200 kilometers) west of the capital and is the third-largest city in Nepal.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, then stick to the Lakeside district. But if you’re looking for adventure, then head beyond the Lake and go paragliding, white-water rafting, or trekking, which is what Pokhara is really known for.

In terms of weather, the first half of September is still rainy while the second half of the month and into October is known to have some amazing weather. It’s also a great time to travel during that time period as there are lesser crowds and prices tend to be lower as well.

If Pokhara is on your list for top fall destinations, then here’s a fun short video highlighting the top five things to do there, courtesy of Geeky Vijay.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro is made up of nine islands, a sanctuary featuring a biodiverse rainforest, and the mainland with plenty of shopping and restaurants. It’s the perfect destination for those who like to scuba dive, fish, snorkel, surf, or just spend time at the beach. Speaking of beaches, the best one to check out is on Isla Zapatillas. But don’t stop there! There are nine other islands, so make sure to get off the main island and go island hopping—you’ll want to see it all!

If you head to the main island and into Bocas Town (located on the southern tip of Isla Colon), you’ll get a mix of islanders and backpackers looking to have some fun. It’s known to have a great nightlife, so go ahead, dance and drink with the locals!

Bocas del Toro is pretty cheap, so if you’re looking for a tropical place then this is a must go to destination. The warmest time is in August, and the driest is September, so whatever you’re looking for, fall is your best bet for good weather.

Split, Croatia

Another one on our list of top fall destinations is Split, Croatia. Many travelers heading to Croatia end up in Dubrovnik, however, Dubrovnik has become quite expensive and crowded. Split is a great alternative as it’s an older city (more history), and a lot cheaper. The weather in the fall is amazing as well, with temperatures ranging in the low to mid 70’s, and with that ocean breeze, you’ll be comfortable staying outdoors all day long.

Split offers beautiful beaches and a rich culture that’s incorporating modernity while still preserving its history. The Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage site) is a must-see, where you can now find bars, restaurants, and shops situated in and around the palace.

Have six minutes to spare? Check out this video created by the New York Times, that takes you through the city, highlighting everything you need to know and do while visiting Split.