We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s at the airport, museum or in your hotel lobby, you can spot these travelers a mile away. The question is, which one are you?

The Adrenaline Junkie

You need a rush, no matter where you go. The idea of sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand for you sounds completely…boring. Instead, you will be skydiving, zip-lining, white water rafting, heli-hiking, ripping through wild-red rock formations and desert terrain, or trekking the highest peaks.

You prefer to lodge in hostels where you can meet other adventure seekers,. Your go-to countries are Australia and New Zealand. Oh yea, and you don’t go anywhere without your GoPro.

The Soul Searcher

If you’re a soul searcher you love yoga, going on long hikes, and organic co-op farming. You can spend your night sleeping in a hut somewhere in Thailand, Cambodia or India.

You don’t mind dreadlocks and can’t stay away from henna tattoos, hemp clothing and crystal necklaces that balance energy flows.

The First Timer

We’ve all been there! At least once, perhaps? You don’t go anywhere without a selfie-stick, you always overpack (three suitcases for two weeks?), you buy brand name guidebooks, a fanny pack and those money/passport/paper holders that go around your neck.

If you’re a first-timer you probably fall for the tourist traps, buy every souvenir you find for yourself, friends, family, extended family, friends of friends, colleagues, your neighbor and anyone else you know.

The Organizer

You like to stay in control of the plans, from organizing flights and booking hotels, to researching tours and restaurants. But there are two different types, you are either the one who volunteered for the job or the one who was forced to because no one else wanted the responsibility.

Whichever it is, you’re pushing your travel partners out the door and on the road. When all goes well, you’re the hero, if things don’t work out, then you’re the one they may blame.

The Budgeter

You love to be on a budget. You like to set aside an exact amount of cash to spend each day, and you don’t mind staying in a three-star hotel or hostel as long as it’s clean. Free walking tours are your favorite, well you actually dig anything that’s free. You’re a haggling pro at almost anything.

The best part is that everyone turns to you to find the best deals on everything!

The High-flier

You’re the high roller who loves to go all out when it comes to taking a vacation. Five-star restaurants and hotels are where you can be found, sipping on that $20 cocktail. You fly in style and in business or first class because you can’t imagine sitting in a seat with limited leg space and an intrusive neighbor. You need your A/C, driver, and you avoid public transportation no matter what country you’re in.

Does one of these travelers sound like you? Comment below, we would love to know!