Let’s be real. Most of us business travelers are not celebrities. We don’t have an entourage of stylists and assistants flying with us as we head over from one destination to another, prepping us for the next meeting. In fact, many of us are faced with challenges like working on a project where the local time is twelve hours ahead of what our body is telling us, or being away from family for long periods of time. Or, having to look like we slept eight hours, showered and had a massage when in reality we slept zero and the last time we brushed our hair was when we left the house to go to the airport. And because of this, we end up in a cycle where we have to deal with constant tiredness, irritability, and protocols while trying to stay healthy.

But here are some hacks for you, smart traveler, to stay sane and look your best as you embark on your next business trip.

Hack No.1: Keep everything in your carry-on

If you travel a lot, you know how frustrating it is to wait for your luggage to come down the shoot and onto the carousel, especially if you have to be at your meeting in an hour. If you can, pack everything you’ll need in one small bag so you can get out of the airport and to your hotel, quickly. Your essentials are your toiletries, chargers, and a change of clothes.

Hack No.2: Consume the right things at the right time

Say no to the drink trays and minibar. These bad boys won’t keep your head straight if you need to get work done. And although you may be tempted to buy fast food because of its convenience, you should try to eat healthy meals at the right time. Smart travelers snack on fruit, nuts, and organic energy bars (not the high-sugar processed ones). Oh, and water? Drink PLENTY of that. (You can lose up to a liter of water in your body just from flying!)

Hack No.3: Say hello to the gym and pool at the hotel

Make sure to take a break from the sleeping, eating and meeting cycle while traveling for business. If you have a gym and/or pool at your hotel, then use and abuse them! Working out will help release stress from work, and will keep you fit even while you’re away from home.

Hack No.4: “Reset your body clock”

Heading on a short business trip? Then try to adjust to the time zone early, or don’t do it at all. Attempt to work around your normal sleeping patterns by catching zzz’s with the blinds closed, or working on a presentation closer to midnight.

Hack No.5: Go into the wild

Well not technically the wild, but don’t spend all your days going from the hotel room to the conference room and back. Try taking a few hours before or after to go on a short tour or a walk around the city. You’ll gain another cultural experience that you can take back home with you. Plus, people love to do business with well-rounded individuals.

Hack No.6: Find a non-traditional workspace

Instead of working at your hotel desk, take your laptop to a community workspace somewhere downtown. Smart travelers look for creative working areas that will help keep their minds inspired and active. Websites such as CoWorkingMap list thousands of community workspaces in hundreds of countries and cities. So go ahead, step out of your comfort zone, and head over to a space that encourages brainstorming sessions instead of just meetings.