A luxury cruise above the clouds? Yes, it’s real. Crystal Cruises is the first cruise line that launched its own airline. It’s a plane like no other and designed for those who want an all-around, world’s best first-class experience (butlers and concierge staff included, of course).

The company will debut the first AirCruise in 2017 on a Boeing 777, which will seat 84 passengers. It will then release another AirCruise on a Boeing 787, which will only seat 52 guests.

Those who are willing to fork up $50,000 to $100,000 USD per person can enjoy 14-day, 21-day and 28-day curated itineraries to locations around the world. The airline will stop at around 10 destinations for a duration of 3 days at each location, with the “best hotels and resorts, excursions and world-class dining inspired by local cultures, tastes and traditions”. Don’t worry, at least the flights are non-stop.

(Video source: Crystal AirCruises / YouTube)

The inside has been remodeled to fit an “Executive Class” cabin with seats that convert to fully-flat beds. Each seat is equipped with Bose noise-canceling headphones and Apple iPads that offer access to free, in-flight Internet (at least the Internet is free). The cabin has been designed in a 2-2-2 seating arrangement to accommodate passengers traveling together (since they expect most people will be either flying as a family or in pairs), giving it more of a “social” setting.

The cabin opens up to a large lounge for drinks, snacks, and dining. There are four dining tables, each with six seats. The menu includes “Michelin Star-inspired cuisines” that are prepared by an executive chef on board. The company also claims to be “the world’s largest in-flight wine cellar,” so you know you’re receiving the best wine pairing with your meal.

If you notice, the cabin seems more open and larger. That’s because the company removed the overhead luggage bins, as well as all other luggage storage areas throughout the airplane.

If you have your own private jet but want to take a break away from your own airplane, then maybe this AirCruise is for you. 😉