Emirates is known for its style, class and top-of-the-line luxury experience, particularly in business and first class. Over the past year, the airline has rolled out several new features and products, including new lounges with a total of 39 worldwide, new children’s toys and activity kits, new Bvlgari amenity kits, and more recently, the new business class seats on Boeing 777-300ER.

Inspired by the interior of a modern sports car with diamond pattern stitching and grey leather, the new design is both sleek and comfortable—exactly what you would expect from one of the best airlines in the world. Here’s what the new design can offer you.

The new business class seat is fully-flat (measuring 72”), replacing the much-needed upgrade of the old angle seats. The 2-3-2 configuration will remain the same, which means the wonderful middle seat that we dreadfully love will still be there.

The upgraded chair is accompanied by an ottoman–allowing you to stretch your feet out comfortably in front of you during takeoff and landing. Other improved features include a larger TV measuring 23” offering over 2,500 channels of new movies and shows, a new touchscreen remote, an expanded table, enhanced lights, remodeled privacy screens, and a bigger storage area.

According to Emirates, the new upgrade is an “evolution as well as revolution”. The new seats will not be installed to fit any other aircraft aside from the Boeing 777.

Apart from the seat, everything else remains the same. You still get to devour in gourmet dishes inspired by the region made from fresh, local ingredients, and paired with award-winning wines or the best champagne and vintage port.

And like all business class passengers, your experience begins the moment you step out of your home—from complimentary chauffeur service to full lounge access and a fast track card that will help you fly right through immigration.

For a virtual tour, check out the video below, courtesy of Emirates.