Do you love to read books, especially ones about travel and adventure? Then we’ve got a list of the best reads that you must get your hands on. And if you’re not too much into reading about travel, you may know someone who is!

Street of Eternal Happiness

Street of Eternal Happiness, written by Rob Schmitz, is a tale of modern Shanghai, China. Rob paints us a picture of people living on a street in the metropolitan city, who struggle and who continue to live in the hopes of a better future in the growing Chinese economy.


Far & Away: How Travel Can Change the World

Written by Andrew Solomon, Far & Away is a collection of essays that Solomon wrote over the course of 25 years while he traveled to 83 countries. In this book, he claims that one should be a citizen of the world, and it’s not something that’s possible but necessary. In one of his essays he writes, “At a moment when many politicians are stoking anxiety, telling people that it’s too perilous even to leave the house, there is a new urgency to the arguments for going out and recognizing that we are all in the game together.”

How to Travel Without Seeing: Dispatches from the New Latin America

This book by Andrés Neuman is fast-paced, written on the go and covers 19 Latin American countries. Neuman gives us a brilliant snapshot of all the grime and glory across Latin America. In the end, he writes, “The feeling of having left something someplace…is that we leave something everywhere we go, in addition to taking something with us.”

The Un-Discovered Islands

Written by Malachy Tallack, The Un-Discovered Islands explores some of the world’s strangest places. He covers 24 islands that were believed to be real long ago, but they are no longer on the map—from ancient history such as the well-known Atlantis, to others less-known and in the present. This book shows the ever-changing world, some of which is real while the other is a myth.

Steve McCurry: On Reading

This book is a collection of photographs of people from all over the world, taken by Steve McCurry over a period of 40 years. He’s traveled high and low and has magically captured individuals from all sectors of society. One of his most famous photographs is the “Afghan Girl”.