If the AirCruise (a luxury cruise above the clouds) sparked your interest, then so might this Lufthansa VIP Airbus A350 private jet that looks better than many private jets we’ve seen. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone would mind living in it either!

Created by Lufthansa Technik, this A350 was designed to feel like a residential apartment with walls that can be rearranged with ease. You can transform the area into an open and social setting or one that’s completely private.

The front has a “Family Flex Area”, the best place in the airplane where you will find the bedroom, bathroom, lounge and office. According to Lufthansa Technik, this area feels the least amount of movement than anywhere else on the plane, and it is also the most peaceful.

The Bedroom

The bedroom can be completely closed off for the utmost privacy, away from all the chitter-chatter in the living room in only a few seconds. Magic? We think so.

The Office

A sleek and chic office is located between the social spot and the dining area, perfect for conducting business while on the road. Work hard, play hard, right?

Social Area

The social area is exactly where you’ll find all the fun. This is where you can watch a film on an extremely large flat-screen T.V. Plus, you can change the lights on the ceilings and on the walls to match the mood. Enjoy beautiful and calming tones of blues, greens, purples, reds and more. What are you in the mood for?

Dining Room

Right next to the social hangout spot is the dining room and a kitchen with a stove. That way, even when you’re flying high above the clouds, you can still enjoy a delicious, fresh and healthy meal that makes your mouth water.

Wellness Zone

Don’t worry, you don’t have to shower in a small space. In fact, Lufthansa Technik designed a “Wellness Zone” where you can take a steam shower or a steam bath, get a massage on the massage table (you’ll want to bring your masseuse with you), and a workout area where you can practice yoga.

The cost is currently unknown, but you can imagine there are several zeros attached to the end. Lufthansa also says that it won’t debut for another two years.

For a virtual tour, check out the video below, courtesy of Lufthansa Technik.