Have you ever thought about using a consolidator to get you to your next destination in business or first class, for less? For those who travel often, this is a no-brainer. But for those who have never used a ticket consolidator agency like ours may be wondering how this industry really works.

Consolidators purchase tickets directly from the airlines at a special price that they negotiated with the carrier. The prices are anywhere between 20 to 70 percent cheaper than what you would find searching online. 

Sometimes, restrictions apply

There are several restrictions attached to a ticket purchased through a consolidator. Some of these are based on the type of ticket, therefore restrictions can vary and it doesn’t always apply—that’s why we recommend asking your agent about certain limitations (if any) in order to be aware ahead of time. The most common restrictions are the following: not being able to rack up frequent flyer miles, not having the option to select seats before the flight, or not being able to make any changes to your itinerary. Again, this doesn’t always apply, but some tickets do have a few restrictions.

Why are these tickets so cheap?

Consolidators have contracts with airlines and are thus able to see unpublished fares in business and first class. Usually, these “invisible” discounted tickets are on flights that are empty, last-minute, or ones that are not expected to be full (due to off-season or a less popular destination).

How can you get the best discount on airline tickets?

You can get the highest savings on business and first class seats if you book a trip with one or more of the following criteria:

1. Short-notice departures (30 days or less)
2. One-way trips
3. Flexible and open departure and arrival dates
4. Multi-city destinations
5. Flights with stopovers
6. Complex itineraries and difficult (less popular) destinations

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