If you’re going on a week-long vacation or a two-day business trip, packing is inevitable. But do you know how to pack your items the best way?

Regardless if you’re a frequent traveler or not, these packing hacks can help the rookie and the pro traveler save space and keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free, no matter where your destination may take you.

Folding is the past, rolling is the present

Folding clothes will take up a lot more room in your suitcase than rolling. But did you know that there are three different (and correct) ways to roll your clothes to keep them from getting wrinkled? It all depends on the piece. Here’s a great video from Travel + Leisure that shows you how to correctly roll a blazer, jacket, pants and skirt. For dresser items made with delicate fabric, we recommend you fold rather than roll.

Safeguard your clothes with water-resistant items

If you don’t own a hard-shell suitcase (which we strongly recommend you do!), then your clothes may be susceptible to moisture from rain. You can waterproof your bag by placing rain boots or rubber shoes at the bottom, toiletries and cosmetic bags in zip-locks placed around the sides, and a rain jacket on top. Say goodbye to damp clothing!

Your shoes are miniature “drawers”

Use your shoes to stuff smaller items into them such as socks, underwear, and charging cords to make more room. You can wrap items in plastic bags in case you want to avoid direct contact with the inner shoe lining.

Pack the heaviest at the bottom

If you have a rolling suitcase, which most of you probably do, pack the heaviest items closest to the wheels to evenly disperse weight. This will make it much easier to roll.

Bounce sheets keep clothes fresh

Bounce sheets are not just for dryers. They are a perfect addition to your suitcase and will keep your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean. Place one sheet between several layers—a maximum of five should be plenty for your entire bag.

Stay wrinkle-free with Downy wrinkle-releaser

A great packing hack to keep clothes wrinkle-free is to pack a bottle or two of Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser, which is now available in a travel size!

The spray will fix your clothing worries. For best results, use the spray for at least 30 minutes or more before you dress so clothes will de-wrinkle and dry out in time. If your items are really wrinkly, do a few rounds of spraying and drying until you achieve the desired results.

Box, don’t hang dry-cleaned shirts

For those of you who send your clothes off to a dry cleaner, ask them to box your items rather than hang them on a hanger. That way, your shirts and pants are ready to be packed, won’t need to be re-folded, and will keep clothes from wrinkling up. Plus, your shirt and pants will be ready to wear without the need to iron when you arrive at your destination.