Lufthansa’s all-new VIP Airbus A350 private jet is remarkable and reminds us of a mini apartment above the clouds. But their Mercedes-Benz partnership is just out of this world—it’s so futuristic it looks like it should be in a Sci-Fi film 100 years from now.

This private jet can hold up to 150 passengers but is designed to fit 16 guests comfortably. So if you’re looking to take a vacation (and then some) with family and friends, this is definitely one way to do it!

When you first step inside, you’ll notice that the corners and built-in furniture have many curves and soft angles to give it an edgy yet world-class feel. There are no hard walls separating each space (except for the bedroom), rather, Mercedes and Technik went with a layout that flows one room into another.


The front of the plane houses a small office with just the right amount of privacy, allowing you can catch up on the days work. Although, our hope is for those of you who do take a vacation like this will want to do anything but work.


The dining area offers passengers plenty of seating and space to hang out and relax. If you notice, there are no visible airplane windows. Instead, windows are covered by black panels inspired by the Mercedes‑Benz S-Class design. These can be controlled and dimmed with just a touch of a button.

Relaxation Room

The relaxation room, as we like to call it, is the perfect space to unwind after dinner. There’s even a nook to take a quick nap, accompanied by a fish tank. How stable is the fish tank during take-off and landing? We’re not sure, but that’s something to think about!

Social Space

Enjoy a film or two in the social space or living room (or however you see it). You can turn on all the entertainment systems using the touch-screen technology integrated into the panels. Pretty cool, right?


Flying overnight? Catch up on a few zzz’s in this luxurious bedroom. Quite frankly, it looks like something from a spaceship! The designs are modern, high-tech, simple yet they give you a sense of purity without making you feel too uncomfortable.


A private jet would be incomplete without a kitchen. Located at the back of the plane, behind the office, is a small yet perfectly sized cooking area where your hired, onboard chef can make you healthy and finger-licking cuisines paired with delectable wines and spirits. A menu will not be necessary because your private chef will know your meal preferences ahead of time (or so we hope!).

This is only a conceptual design, but the companies are looking to debut this private jet cabin in the next few years. And you can bet that the cost to rent it is pretty out there too.

Looking for a virtual tour? Check out the video below, brought to you by Lufthansa Technik.