Last week, Air France’s new 787 Dreamliner took flight, which features its new, elegant, comfortable and absolutely exquisite business class seats.

Air France has designed this cabin to be your office, your 5-star restaurant, your entertainment lounge and your bedroom. So for those of you who are ready to experience this Dreamliner, here’s what you can expect once you’re aboard.

The seat design is delicate with padded upholstery, featuring a footrest and a leather armrest—all surrounded by metallic finishing touches, giving you the right amount of privacy.

The seat converts into a fully flat bed measuring 6.5 feet (2 meters) with a 40-inch seat pitch, allowing you to get the best sleep you can ever get on a long flight. And to make your trip even more comfortable, Air France offers a sleep service with “soft seat cushions, a silky duvet, and an XXL feather pillow”. Don’t worry, there’s no need to climb over anyone because each business class has direct aisle access.

We can never forget about the details. All of your electronic devices—be it a smartphone, a tablet and/or a laptop—can be stored in a safe place in the chic, red storage areas that are built into the side of your seat. Plus, you can make sure everything is fully charged before you arrive at your next destination with a personal USB and power outlet. Each storage area is accompanied by noise-reducing headphones and a mirror so that you can always look your absolute best without ever leaving your seat.

But that’s not all. You can adjust the lighting as you wish—if you want to read, there’s a light for that, if you want mood lights, those are available for you to turn on as well.

Keep yourself entertained on a 16-inch HD touchscreen TV, featuring hundreds of films and shows (both old and new), concerts, music, games and so much more. If you fly on Air France often, you can expect to see new entertainment options (films, shows) added on a monthly basis. Air France guarantees a comfortable trip from the moment you step inside until you reach your final destination.

For the full Dreamliner experience, check out the video below, courtesy of Air France.