Flying is not loved by all, in fact, one out of every three people have a fear of flying. Nonetheless, regardless of our anxieties, air travel can be unavoidable, especially if we have to travel for work or vacation. While there are various ways to ease our worries, opting for an airline known for its safety can make all the difference.

Every year, Airline Ratings publicize a list of the top 20 safest airlines in the world, analyzing 425 carriers based on several factors. These include incident records, audits, operational excellence, government associations, and FAA endorsements. Airlines are given a maximum of seven stars for all of these categories combined. If the carrier does not meet the criteria, no stars will be awarded. So, who took the prize for being the safest?

Qantas. This should not be any surprise to the Australian airline, which continues to be accident-free for over 96 years. Being the oldest continuously operating airline, it has now been recognized by the “British Advertising Standards Association as the industry’s most experienced carrier”. Bravo, Qantas!

The other 19 airlines (listed below) are ranked in alphabetical order because there was not a significant enough of a difference between them to place in a winning order.

• Air New Zealand
• Alaska Airlines
• All Nippon Airways
• British Airways
• Cathay Pacific
• Delta Air Lines
• Etihad Airways
• EVA Air
• Finnair
• Hawaiian Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Lufthansa
• Scandinavian
• Singapore Airlines
• Swiss
• United Airlines
• Virgin Atlantic
• Virgin Australia

Airlines from this list including Etihad, EVA Air, Finnair, Hawaiian Airlines, Swiss, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia have been incident-free since 1970.